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How China's Internet investors directed at

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real dry cargo business!
" he bet on the air, more important is to bet on people, people Wang Gang praised "drops to four years, an inspired passage", in addition to up to nearly a million times the return, let us listen to the lucky behind unknown "thrilling enmity" story, and he gradually formed the unique investment philosophy.

the angel investor Wang Gang in Zhen Master (real master class) to share the compiled. Zhen Master is one of the serious fund activities, regularly invited the master and the real field of venture capital investment company CEO face-to-face sharing.

Xu Xiaoping: Wang Gang cast pieces also voted a number of good projects, like Transport is full, grace car, home for dinner, he has developed a set of unique investment philosophy in the process, so that every time I have the chance to take him a long talk, learn from him. I believe that today we will visit. Well, let's start the question and answer!  

Wang Gang:

drops is how to create their own competitive advantage?

drops of shares I kept to today. Because every time before I go to sell, Chengwei chat, chat with a reluctant to sell, because every time from his words can feel the company's management and business in the rapid progress, is not difficult to judge the drops is becoming more powerful. All investors are surprised to Chengwei learning ability, because he China with top entrepreneurs almost talked over learning. Drops by BD (Business Development, business development) started, and then gradually improve the product, the third step is to strengthen operations, then pay close attention to the core technology, to now focus on creating operation of large data capacity, finally by the culture and system of advanced company to continue to respond to changes in the external environment, in order to win sustainable competitiveness. Like HUAWEI's basic law, like Ali's partner system and so on.  

go to a traditional company mode, with a core competence will be able to fire five to ten years," but in the mobile Internet era, you want to walk the road in three others more than ten years, five years, want to compete with Uber, only a single core competence is not enough.  

the era of mobile Internet company to have multiple dimensions of competitive advantage, because this is a comprehensive strength PK, can precipitate out of need can adapt to the rapid change of enterprise culture of external environment, what is the enterprise Industry culture? culture is the enterprise in the full market competition. A state of the whole team to settle down, this state is not a constant. to precipitate out the things that can support you far away.  

culture is very strong as everyone knows, Ali, the Tencent organization evolution is also very good, but did not completely copy the bit values of ali. take only one of the two, passion and embrace change. drops in the observation of Tencent, Ali is how to evolve, so as to think about how their own evolution, to see what kind of organizational structure and system can adapt to the future growth of the mobile internet. As far as I know, Ma Huateng and Ma for Liu Qing Cheng Weihe's support is particularly large, especially recently Ali for drops of support than ever before.  

in addition to learning, the fund-raising ability also drops a miracle, fund-raising total of $about 7000000000, the number of ammunition will be able to play much of the battle. Super platform business model is often the winner, early five years does not make money, a year later to earn money for five years. When Liu Qing joined by her right-hand man Zhu Jingshi also brought Liu Qing and Zhu Jingshi, for raising the drops made distinctions won in battle. In Steven's words, the amount and intensity of this fund-raising, even in the most cattle investment bank also requires twenty people's team to do six months, we have two people, three weeks on the finished. The ammunition is not lost to rivals, winning this war is the key. if financing lost to each other one order of magnitude. The end of the game, because you have been out; diluted shares is inevitable, distressed stock is also reasonable, but the" win "is the most important. otherwise this kind of nature of the game, the result of failure is zero.  

drops can always advance the distribution of talent in key nodes, at the cost of the cattle industry to attract people to join, as the data field of Professor He Xiaofei and Professor Ye Jieping. Because the number of drivers have service drops by more than 15 million, it has entered a sociological category, this also drops please sociologist .

" Wang Gang in the event

we had a very high price and fast merge. Our intention is that the game can end, can finally stop the burn. But later we found that international competition has just begun, a more powerful opponents already are.

is a global trade company can play. It is the internationalization of the management and system of play in the global range tested, early drops into a passive. On the taxi drops barriers, car construction. Uber with the people, with a high subsidy policy directly subvert the entire rental industry price system. Drops in forced, full development of the express, the results of the development of the speed beyond our imagination.

Uber Uber the United States are wise to use the China endorsement, people Chinese money in this market, China hired managers, seize the Chinese market share. we compare him to the" invasion "of war, he is like a octopus like wrapped around the earth. The early drops of competition because of the United States did not touch the passive, until the drops in its own way is also a person's body. With more than $one hundred million or two hundred million in the Chinese market to do defense, far less than in the United States to do a partial attack on the U.S. market. A foot and chop the octopus, as the knife into his head and stomach. Drops began to invest in an alliance, to support the Lyft, not only in the United States joint Lyft, also in the whole of Southeast Asia and all can be united allies, to jointly deal with the invaders Uber. The effect is very obvious, the rise of Lyft, the market share has gradually increased to 25%. Under competitive pressure, Uber's revenue situation is getting worse, the financial pressure is getting bigger.

" &n; Bsp drops and Lyft strategic cooperation against Uber

Uber think current hard anti war Slightly not wise, breaking the wrist once in a stalemate, the time will become a bit of friends at home. Now seems to have an overwhelming advantage in the Chinese market drops. Drops have been greatly improved their data and operation and maintenance capabilities, not the original millet plus rifles. Uber can't win in the market, maintain the burn too much, but could not see the Fanpan hope, and hit the global war, more and more passive will have enemies in front and rear. If you continue to support the market value of $60 billion, it should be focused on the market to do business in their own monopoly can upgrade and overlay, rather than in the market can not win, a lot of bloodshed. This time will only become a friend of the great patriotic war.        

about Shenzhou car and easy to use, because it is a data type business, when does not have the scale effect, will only mean the largest investment, the worst output. In the higher travel experience part, the drops will be more serious to create a more stunning service.  

BAT other than the fourth pole?"

now the latest argument is not BAT, ATM. Who can become the fourth pole? This is too sensitive, can only say that the drops have the opportunity and potential.  

to become the fourth pole, for after entering the most important one is not in oligopoly proxy war. Style= max-width: " never underestimate the power of the bond's fetters. Because you are not in the same magnitude, $200 billion and $20 billion this difference is more than a bit. So in addition to win the war, diplomacy is very important. Some CEO militant, fighting strong, but such people are often not good at diplomacy. The emperors of the imperial princes princes have fate, fate. I am optimistic about the reasons for the drop is Liu Qing Cheng Weihe's partner makes the company in competition and diplomacy are more mature, rarely make a fatal mistake.  

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