Depth: Wang Shi will be dethroned by Qin class why recent shareholders and management of the storm so much

Shareholders management

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Leidi net Lei Jianping June 28th reported a June

  this is not meant to general in June, this month, the real estate industry such as Vanke, such as car home car industry, game industry such as Shanda have suffered a large shareholders and management the storm, the basic management are at a disadvantage.


in June 26th, Vanke A (000002.SZ) announced that the shareholders of Shenzhen city received "huge Shenghua" and "Qianhai life" on convening the EGM "notice".


; the two Boland Department Department shares shareholder proposal Wang Shi, Qiao Shibo, Yu Liang, Sun Jianyi, Wei Bin, Chen Ying, Wang Wenjin, Zhang Liping, Wahson, Luo Junmei, et al. Directors, supervisors or independent director.


Vanke President Yu Liang said at the shareholder meeting, said the recall motion, Vanke has been part of signing and sales projects face termination risk, bank credit rating of Vanke's careful consideration, adjust business partners terms, note headhunters Vanke employees.


"management team will try to maintain, but today we also feel helpless. President Wang Shi and my future is not important, but the general staff of the people if Vanke, shareholders and stakeholders are not guaranteed."


for "Braised pork in brown sauce" storm reputation fell Wang Shi is still fighting, "said Vanke is not downhearted when management can't decide who are shareholders, shareholders also have his character culture, if you are not the same, you have the right to say no love."


"you have to use equity management company, you must learn to dance with the wolf, the risk is to pay the."


Wang Shi said, "I'm still chairman of the company, I was one of the founders of the corporate culture, and I also have a relationship, from a certain point of view, we are Vanke culture, personal honor is not important. I want to say is that I am a entrepreneur."


; "my fate is not very important, important is the culture can continue, from a certain point of view, we are Vanke rye."


Wang Shi excited is the ups and downs of the experience itself


; Vanke shareholders of the general assembly, before Vanke executives, Hugo workshop Mao Daqing open very Wang Shi, called "the social progress, we must learn whether". There is no eternal right, there is no eternal hero, only the eternal spirit."


"Wang Shi is not perfect, there are many disadvantages (who have no defects), however, Wang Shi is a mountain in the China entrepreneur!"


Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said, 1, chairman Wang has expressed and likes and dislikes to shareholders, does not respect to the capital.


 , the king of the owner of the value of the boss is not equal to the value of private capital is not equal to the private capital. Wang hopes the state-owned enterprises do the largest shareholder of China Vanke, Vanke equity strategy is not equal to the state-owned capital, too.


3, the western system, the chairman is a semi retired, but the king is still in the East and west to do the image of the endorsement of the image, the annual income of 10 million, is not high.


4, Wang Hetian is their affair, which also did not see the king's private problems, but the public resentment this, Vanke is negative, but Wang Shi and the team at the expense of equity for the year overall restructuring, don't require semi retirement again sacrifice, and this is the love.


investor Wang Gongquan, then the most representative: I regret Vanke, but not for Wang Shi worry. This old stubborn boss, is too difficult and dangerous to climb Mount Qomolangma and lonely.


clear sky million or whether a dangerous situation, or I wish you a happy voyage. difficult one, as long as there is no experience of the scenery, even may bring disaster to him, even the disaster itself, may let his eyes shine."


Wang Gongquan, more than and 60 years old, he should know everything he is excited, like floating smoke and passing clouds, is often the ups and downs of the experience itself.


Chinese safe cleaning the car home management

1.6; "in the Wang Shi recall turmoil at the same time, electricity supplier in the automotive industry also broke out a big storm -- CEO Qin cause car home after class. />




"informed about men, today the company opened a temporary board of directors, Nicholas and I no longer serve as the company's CEO and CFO. I, as a parent of this enterprise, thank you all for your support, help, tolerance and patience.


  is very sorry that I can't help you any more, and I sincerely hope that every one of you will do the most appropriate choice from the point of view of yourself.


  in the car home and you work together is my glory, together through the most beautiful journey, I hope you will be better in the future."


former vice president of the car home Ma Gang said, in 2007 into the job, 09 years as the group CEO, Mr. Qin led the car home to lead the way through the most beautiful part of the road.


"at the farewell, sad sad, never never say what Losers are always in the wrong., glorious defeat, this is a choice -- we only willing to work with dignity, and then talk about success."


car house soon released internal mail, announced the appointment of the company chairman and chairman of the board and CEO, as a member of the car home. At the same time to join the Kang Yan, as the general manager of the car home.


Lu Min said in an open letter, the future, peace and the car home will be as a close strategic partner, go hand in hand. Car home of the strategy and business will not change, the car home culture and system will not change, the car home team and everyone's salary will not change.


why shareholders and management of the storm so many


Vanke, car home shareholders and management dispute is only a recent case in Yintai holdings only 1 months after the grand game of enterprises to enter the ranks of shareholders, Shanda CFO Yao Li and CAO Zhang Jin was sacked on the spot.


, according to informed sources claimed, Yao Li and Zhang Jin was his grand game company, the office has also been affixed with the seal.


why the recent outbreak of the management and shareholders of the storm? What is the logic behind?


qichezhijia founder Li Xiang said, "I understand the safe choice, because historically, after peace has become a major shareholder of any company, almost the first thing is to start from the replacement of the management team."


this is a choice, there is no right or wrong. Just like the car with the car home 168 of the time, the team can only choose the car 168 car home culture, or stay, or leave, these are very cruel.


Li Xiang is more straightforward: when pointed out the benefits of small, what to say. Interest to a certain extent, beyond the human nature. Before the listing, is really a car home management team said the count on the line, the results are also crazy growth.


Li Xiang said that after the listing, the market value of billions of dollars out there, in the face of great interest, the result is decreased the efficiency of decision-making (affecting tens of millions of dollars to Australia, the scale is not a thing, affecting billions of dollars for Australia is not small number).


  in fact, whether it is Vanke, car home, or a grand game is currently a very good investment targets. The chairman of

a unicorn Leidi of enterprise network that is the latest for these things happen, there are several main reasons:


1, industry small tuyere, in the capital of winter, bad market environment caused by the shareholders and management disputes;


2, the market value of the investment can be the listed company is too small;


3, domestic capital has no way to find flaws in the enterprise breakthrough;


4, large capital too lazy to do their business, through the stock right of way "rob" may quickly seize the fruits of victory.


Wang Shi, Qin cause as occupation experience, why not accept, but to struggle, even get out of the situation?


pointed out above, the case of Wang Shi, he is the very feelings of entrepreneurs, expect enterprises to transparent, fair and impartial, but he found that the enterprise not only the right direction, but also reverse, inside it is difficult to accept.


Wang Shi himself is ambitious, is the hope of the country to retire, the community more open, transparent, or else Wang Shi is not simply to give up the name of the stock so simple."


analysis thinks, with this round of Vanke Wang Shi storm, this was the most pure, the most transparent Chinese corporate governance model, the future will fall for the duel game, or gradually by the central enterprises, Huarun incorporated inside, which is Huarun has long cherished wish.


capital story is bloody, in this round of Vanke, the car home, Shanda storm, China peace, Huarun's violent action, manifests one kind of large state-owned enterprises to high-quality private assets snatch, the operational level is extremely brutal.


someone commented: idealism and utilitarianism apart, and exquisite actually had a foothold. Vanke, the future may be similar to the home, the car, the storm will be more and more big games.


Branch Group Chairman and CEO Ni Zhengdong CEO commented Peace Strategy Center Director Lu Minren car home when he said, after this case will be more and more entrepreneurs, after financing equity dilution, or to stay in god.

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