Delagi: Britain back to Europe or drag the euro area economy 0.5%

In Britain the euro zone economy Raj

huaerjiejianwen· 2016-06-29 07:01:09

Tuesday, Bloomberg News reported that the European central bank governor Delagi to the European Union leaders said that the UK is expected to return to Europe will make the next three years, the euro zone economic growth rate fell by 0.5 percentage points. If the UK economy is in recession, it will have an immediate impact on the euro zone. Delagi expressed concern about the behavior of the central bank to intervene in the exchange rate.

, according to Bloomberg news conference records obtained, Delagi told EU leaders, he is expected back in Europe by the British influence, the future of the euro zone economic growth of three years may be up to 0.5 percentage point decline. Delagi said that if the British economy into recession, it will immediately have an impact on the euro area. In addition, the global market will be affected, especially the foreign exchange market.

the European Central Bank has increased its cooperation with other central banks to jointly cope with fluctuations in foreign exchange movements. But Delagi said that for some countries to intervene in the central bank's exchange rate behavior expressed concern. Specifically, these countries believe that the exchange rate is not reasonable, so the intervention, which will open competitive devaluation, but also increase the risk of instability and.

Delagi reiterated that the European Central Bank will do everything possible to ensure price stability. Eurozone May CPI initial value of 0.1% year on year, in line with expectations, in April was -0.2%. In the past four months, the euro zone inflation level has three months of negative value.

Delagi, the European Union's leading person, is the time to solve the problem of bank fragility, because the euro area can not afford to solve these problems brought about by the consequences.

consistent with the previous position, Delagi said that fiscal policy needs to make a change, to promote investment in the direction of change.

early Tuesday, Delagi attended the European Central Bank held in Sintra Portugal during the forum, called for a global central bank united front, with a more global perspective of monetary policy, the spillover effect in response to aggressive easing brought. Delagi stressed that the central bank to solve the problem of weak global economy is the common responsibility of the central bank.

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