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[about 47] Chinese safe evacuation of the airport incident according to reporters at the scene to understand the situation, pulled out of the Chinese consists of about 20 students from Hubei, Shandong, Henan and other places of migrant workers, and about 27 visitors from Jiangsu, in addition to a small number of people suffered minor injuries, no right. But there are still some Chinese people trapped in the airport, waiting for evacuation.

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latest report [


[update: digital The Associated Press has caused 31 people were killed]

The Associated Press has just released corrections, will die the number from the previously reported nearly 50 people, down to 31 people. The number of deaths reported by Agence France-Presse, Reuters, CNN, etc. is slightly different, for 31 or 32. The death toll is likely to rise further. The The Associated Press reported: Turkey Istanbul Ataturk International Airport that night the explosion has killed nearly 50 people.


] Istanbul airport has been closed [

, the White House has just issued a statement strongly condemning the attacks, commitment to support Turkey. "The attack was the same as the previous Brussels Airport, is the international community with the fate of the fate of the confirmation, the United States will support Turkey and other allies to continue to fight terrorism".

Turkey Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (Ataturk Airport) local time 28 days at least two explosions occurred, according to Reuters quoted local officials as saying that the explosion was caused by two Dutch act bomber in the entry terminal entrance to detonate a bomb, police into the security before trying to prevent them from shooting attacks, one of them the first gun fire and then detonated a bomb, known at least 28 dead and 60 injured.

according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, Turkey governor of Istanbul announced the evening of 28, the Ataturk International Airport that night explosion caused 28 deaths, 69 people were injured, the explosion involving 3 Dutch act bomber.

according to the Consulate General of China in Istanbul revealed that at present has not yet received reports of casualties Chinese citizens.

all flights have been suspended, there is no any organization or personnel claiming to plan the attack. (Translation: Feng Xiaojiang) [

] Turkey Istanbul airport earlier reported two explosions occurred at least 10 dead and 60 injured


time: 2016-6-29

Turkey officials said Tuesday that two explosions in Turkey Ataturk International Airport, at least 10 deaths. Phoenix Satellite TV said the explosion has caused 10 deaths and 60 injuries.

two suicide bombers, were rushed to the police after the shooting, the detonation of the bomb. A large number of police blocked the entrance to the airport, all flights were suspended. Class= img_box "

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officials said the unknown explosion is a suicide attack. United States cable news network reported that at least together may be a suicide bomb attack.

according to local media reports, the suspected terrorists in the airport to launch a bomb attack two locations.

witnesses said the airport parking lot heard gunfire. Taxi drivers to help send the injured to the hospital.

incident at the airport is the largest international airport in Turkey. The Istanbul times was bombed, were instigated by the Kurdish militant group or the Islamic state.

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