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LETV" broken circle of ecological LETV new conference in Beijing the ecological Centre, LETV push out four cross industry - Super 2 generation mobile phone terminal product line (2, Le Le 2Pro and MAX2), super TV 4 series, music as VR helmet and LeSEE super car. Music also released the world's first digital lossless audio standard CDLA, in addition, the music, as the research and development of the UAV is also an unexpected appearance at the conference.

this paper is divided into four major sections:

1) - released 2 high-profile products and super cars, CDLA

2) - the product released 4 TV, low-key VR helmet, UAV;

3) LETV hidden behind the ecological EUI, LETV cloud and mobile phone, TV and car;

4) thousands of interviews - LETV High row seat.

reporter saying

a low-key high-profile division, mainly occupied in a few hours in length and the presence of conference.

on thousands of interviews, PO LETV attended the senior squad you feel: LETV, LETV Holding Group Chairman and founder CEO Jia Yue ting; LETV super car co-founder of global vice chairman Ding Lei LETV pictures, CEO; TV Internet Business Group CEO Zhang Zhao; President, President of music as mobile operators division Feng Xing; as the new president, intelligent terminal global production and research for president Liang Jun; easy-to-use vehicles CEO Zhou hang; music video, goofy; music as cloud computing, chairman Yang Yongqiang LETV; CO CTO Yuan Bin; vice president of operations Gao Jianming LETV users; Zhang Zhiwei O2O, President of the music as eco sales platform; LETV Asia Pacific CEO Mo cuitian; LETV mall vice president Xu Long Rainbow.

of course, Honglei, Sha Baoliang, Qin LAN, Tang Yan, all stars, also become the characteristics of music conference.

high-profile release of 2 mobile phone, CDLA audio standard;

CDLA audio standard

Yueting pointed out that music experience recently thirty years has been detained during the analog era, "culprit" is 3.5 mm headphone jack is when change kill 3.5 mm analog earpiece, kill hi fi phone. Therefore, the second generation of music as a super phone using new cdla standard and digital architecture, the audio signals from the processor direct type-C USB interface, and with the help of music, as the custom processing chip, decoder, and finally gave the headset sound units, and earphone circuit and integrated design. Style= line-height: "25.6px le 2, le 2 Pro and other new mobile phones will support this new standard. Style= line-height: "25.6px

in the conference, LETV also Wang Feng Fiil reached a depth of cooperation,

Apple the second hit, second generation super phone / section>

once, music, as the first generation super phone launched the first to Apple's hammer, attracted countless people laugh. But Jia Yueting said that only 99% of the people laughed at the dream, to be qualified to talk about the miracle of the 1%. The conference, music launched super phone second generation of a total of three mobile phone, music, music 2Pro hele max2, launched on Apple's second strike.

the flagship killer Le 2

le 2 using MTK Helio X20 world first 10 core processor, clocked at 2.3ghz, performance more powerful. < span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei; line-height: 25.6px;" > le 2 working to create a more extreme "double 3 times, pay for 3G + memory storage 32g, 5.5 inches screen InCell, 16M+8M camera, from0.1s speed focus, China Netcom, 4G +, VoLET, fingerprint, border ID 3.0, type-C fast charging.

Global Initiative cdla standard, original type-C full digital headphones, let the music more pleasant.

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1099 yuan!!!!!!!!!

flagship killer pluviose - Le 2Pro

industry first by 3 times anodic oxidation process, to build a non border ID 3.0, let the screen truly boundless. Style= line-height: " a new generation of intelligent file music flash, highly humanized two-way forward and reverse plug connectors, all CNC / VoLTE / 4G+.

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duguqiubai - born Le MAX2

Le MAX2 equipped with 820 Xiaolong, 2.2GHz frequency, Jia Yueting said LETV will not choose" castration version 820 processor, at domestic manufacturers castration, equipped with 6GB of memory and 64GB storage, leading the double 6 times;

Le max2 run beyond the 14 million, five minutes of charging and 3.5 hours of talk time and support type-C interface, 2K 5.7 inches ultra retina screen, VR perfect partner, screen PPI515, industrial design using ID borderless 3.0; < span style =" font family: Microsoft YaHei; line-height: 25.6px; "> Le max2 in the fuselage continuation of the symmetrical aesthetics, the use of emotional aesthetics, after color hundreds of thousands of engineers commissioning original" dopamine is red ".

Le max2 equipped with Sony IMX230 of 21 million pixels rear 6p camera, support OIS optical image stabilization, the phase focusing, f2.0 large aperture support laser focus, support mobile network in over 200 countries around the world, the dual band antenna, the fingerprint recognition open fingerprint 3.0 era, the world's first ultrasonic metal fingerprint technology, all-purpose anti-interference.

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2099, 6GB+64GB edition Le Max 2 for 2499 yuan.

music as super car

the conference, Yueting has always stressed that a word is anti crossover, the music is indeed the cross-border chemical reaction to achieve the ultimate. Content, do TV, do mobile phones, music, as the ambition is far away from this stop, today's conference is the most watched music as released super car.

at the press conference, Yueting and music as super car co-founder, global vice chairman Ding by voice control and and the car is easy to combine the unveiling the LeSEE brand's first concept vehicle, and demonstrates the supercar automatic driving function. Ding Lei introduction, there are unique sense of "Internet" shape in the LeSEE concept car is, the front face with super cool LED screen, can appear the vehicle to passers-by. This concept car flagship smart Internet concept, not only can realize the automatic driving function can achieve self learning, which have the function of face recognition, emotion recognition, environment recognition and path recognition, has in the global obtained 833 patents.

and with the release of super cars, Music App Store version of the car also bred and, music, as the app store will multiterminal of life, entertainment, technology attributes continue to eco car. LeSEE super car will be the world's first eco travel tools, reconstruction of the relationship between cars, people, society. The reason was named "LeSEE", meaning "music as a super electronic ecology, specific brand concept for electric, intelligent, Internet, social, claims to be the" complete vehicle ecosystem ", the pure electric power, positioning in the high-end, pay attention to exercise and luxurious combination. Jia Yueting said the music as a super car has one hundred percent of China's independent intellectual property rights.


low-key released product - 4 TV, VR helmet, UAV

Super 4 TV series

Music released the super 4 three products using super grade 50 inch panel, 9.9mm metal thin body, of which 4 X50 Pro supports 4K, 3D, both have 4000:1 high contrast, NTSC color gamut over 85%, 8 partitions dynamic backlight control support, and anti blue eye protection function. In addition, support for the 4K level of HDR 10 format, can effectively enhance the contrast of the picture.

in the disposition aspect, three new TV using the latest and most intelligent flagship television chip Mstar6A938, 3gb memory to run + 16 / 32GB eMMC5.1 flash, support MEMC dynamic image processing and HDR and technology.

audio, three new TV were take Haman Caton expert team design review and professional certification of sound system, match of Dolby audio processing technology, to Dolby and DTS etc.. The three products are supported from speaking voice + voice recognition.

price and X50 pro (super Pro 4 X50) price of 2999 yuan, super 4 X50 pricing 2499 yuan, super 4 super version X50, pricing 2699 yuan.

VR helmet

the conference, music by VR technique for global broadcast. Style= white-space: "normal >

music as released by the music as VR helmet COOL1 LeVR, and with music Max2 combination, live music as VR helmet experience. Conference, Jia Yueting said, as the music and partners will continue to launch mobile phone embedded terminals and one machine products.


said VR helmet low-key release because the conference site not to offer too much description length, but by Sha Baoliang, sun Honglei, try wearing, existence sense is not weak. In comparison, no machine more like soy sauce, its main function is to send a unified spring play.

the good, in music as a conference in hard wide is the music, as cited that proud means of ecological marketing, unified the spring wind skull drone.

behind the music as eco - EUI, LETV

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ecology, is the reverse of the music as the core keywords, so although the cars, televisions, mobile phones, VR such across the terminal release, in the hands of the music is logical. April 20, the conference is the case, although not be released a link, but depending on the cloud in support of the global broadcast, EUI is said Jia Yueting < span style = "font family: Microsoft YaHei; line-height: 25.6px;" > runs through the ecological, across the terminals of the central nervous system, to define the boundary mobile Internet.

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