From Europe after the first appearance at the Queen: at least alive

Later the queen

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queen Elizabeth S and deputy chief minister of Northern Ireland Mcginnis met.

China Daily, June (28), according to British media reports, since the British referendum decided to leave the European Union, the queen Elizabeth S 27, the first time to attend public events. When she was 90 years old, she was asked about her physical condition, she replied, "at least she's still alive.". "

recently, British Prime Minister Cameron was not, in addition to resign, the pound fell to 30 year low, the European nations cup also upset loss to Iceland.

queen Elizabeth S will visit Northern Ireland for two days in one occasion, she met a number of tour leaders, including the Democratic Unionist Party leader Forster and deputy chief minister of Northern Ireland, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) former leader Mcginnis.

Forster said that during the meeting, the queen Elizabeth S mentioned a lot of topics, the queen and I met, but I will not disclose the contents of the meeting. "

and the queen and Mcginnis meeting time up to 20 minutes, just arrived at the meeting, Mcginnis will hand greeting Queen:" Hello, hello? "

queen shook his hand, humor replied," thank you very much, at least it is alive, "this time," we are very busy. "

Mcginnis said:" at the moment, a lot of things happened. The queen said, "I have had two birthdays recently, so we are very busy. "

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