Yue Yunpeng with his wife to watch movies, this show of affection look cool face

Watching movies wife facial expressions

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Tencent entertainment news (text / Ji Yong XI) last night (June 28th), Yue Yunpeng's wife Zheng Min drying out a sweet picture on the Internet, and with the text: "I finally asked to accompany me to see the movie time". In the photo, and style=" line-height: 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; Yue Sao "> together, very close, Yue Sao Zheng Minbiao happy face," small 25.6px white-space:; pre-wrap; style= "line-height:" > Yue Yue yiyanbuge look like

Yue movie is" three people ", in view of the > has a photo of Zhong Hanliang in micro-blog, can not help but suspect that the small Yue Yue this cool face is a reason...... I want to ask Xiao Yue Yue to write a film review.

in fact, small Yue Yue" with Yue's affection also more. Style= line-height: "25.6px this bowl of food I do first, you free.

is the biggest sweet crit in May this year, " Yue Beijing 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap;" > Zheng Min birthday, " small Yue Yue in micro-blog drying out a photo of his wife Zheng Min sent confession blessing, also tells the story of two people met experience.

text excerpts: the year in the village, the matchmaker said there is a girl on the roadside waiting for you to take a look at the past, you ride a bicycle head look, think I can go with the other parents said, if the other party does not agree to what I say I like this, I don't know, you said this looks matchmaker is really hard, but I can say this mouth. Go for a while, don't stoop, is a high. I'm by your side, you look up at me. So I have been together for six years, love you, my dear, Happy birthday."

first show of affection," this is the legendary" hammer sister ", users have anger like absolute support.

for Yue > "Mrs. Zheng Min, the data show that she is a hospital nurse, but according to Zheng Min's micro-blog data show that her work with Yue Yunpeng deyunshe.

1.6;" the release of group photos, remember to eat the food, drink plenty of water to send.

like this, " langcainvmao overbearing president that visual sense --

proud? Complacency? Big star to fully armed subway, " like a summer a to make about in the winter -- looks like

this map is to see see, behind

; "thank Aiwujiwu," Yue Beijing 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; "> good talking -

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style= sing" line-height: 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; "> women with

two daughters in Yuelu, born in 2012, now 4 years old. A family of three super -

; "side show sideband child --

the baby looks absolutely Yue daddy --

> and give you a happy man --

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