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wangyijunshi· 2016-06-29 13:09:57

2016 in June 28th, Chengdu Airlines flight number EU6679 ARJ21-700 aircraft carrying 70 passengers from Chengdu to Shanghai, marking the first self-developed China jet airliner ARJ21 official in Chengdu as a base to enter airline operations, which is an important milepost Chinese civil aircraft development, China sky for the first time to usher in their own R & D jet.

ARJ21-700 aircraft on the morning of 09 25 carrying 70 passengers took off from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. After the arrival of the little rest, again carrying passengers from Shanghai to Chengdu. China aircraft to market success has taken an important first step.

Chinese developed by ARJ-21 and C919 aircraft has been getting better, at this moment, from national leaders to the elite from all walks of life, from domestic to global industry practitioners, to China large aircraft industry can give off more and more particularly to urgent attention. Aviation is a complex industry, even with the funds, there is a focus on the power of the superior system, it can not be one hundred percent to ensure the success of take-off.

a large plane about 4 million parts, only single digit percentage difference between a fuel efficiency, can decide the success or failure of a jet airliner. In the face of the upcoming blowout billion yuan output level of large aircraft supporting the industry, the domestic enterprises can be divided into the big cake, or unknown. Several engines, avionics, flight control, hydraulic core systems such as C919, or since the foreign. In addition, since the first flight of the C919 a year later than originally planned, has caused some domestic suppliers encountered embarrassment.

large aircraft manufacturing is a huge project, and for the aviation industry to start empty-handed Chinese. The success of large aircraft, in addition to China trader who fly outside, nature is our common dream. Who expects dreams to come true as soon as possible. China civil aviation industry until finally comeback chips, but be wary of the old car industry. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, deputy general manager and chief designer Wu Guanghui immediately announced that the domestic large aircraft will be the first flight in 2015. It was a year later than the original plan.

if the successful first flight, which not only marks the Chinese break long by the few manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus aircraft market monopoly situation, but also means that Chinese aircraft accessory products market value of 100 billion yuan scale will now blowout. However, China large aircraft can really open a new chapter, not only by the "lonely" off shell C919. Relatively backward domestic supporting industries, there are many questions behind the question mark.

like color TV and automobile manufacturing Chinese faced some awkward, China enterprises often can create a shell, save the whole, but in the key parts of the engine, can not get rid of foreign aid". C919 the same. For example, the core of the engine from General Company in the United States, a core system of flight control and avionics, hydraulic pressure, is also provided by foreign suppliers.

is more urgent is the September 25th European Airbus Company production of A320neo from the Air France Toulouse city Blagnac airport the first flight of the machine with the same C919 as single channel models, for the optimization of type A320 series. In the global single channel aircraft, the Airbus A320 sales after the Boeing 737. Allegedly, the production line of Tianjin Airbus annual production of 44 A320, just the amount required for the Chinese market. The relative maturity of the optimized A320 and C919 before and after the first flight, the airline will face a full choice.

on Chinese fly, they need more domestic suppliers to gain a foothold in the aviation market firmly. China fly the first domestic aircraft ARJ21-700, from the beginning of May 2008 flight, has yet to obtain airworthiness certification, which is a reason. From McDonald's to KFC, from Boeing to Airbus, from Coca-Cola to Pepsi, is an industry giants, there are third, they will come to squeeze you. "

foreign media wrote that C919 is Chinese challenge Airlines Airbus and Boeing planes - a gamble". From the China commercial aircraft supplier data at present, the large aircraft project of C919 class I have 47 class II suppliers, suppliers have 27, class III suppliers have 70 and 3 units, a total of 147, but about half of the foreign invested enterprises or local foreign-funded enterprises registered. Class= img_box "

China business fly so layout is to obtain the core technology. Rolls Royce, a former British company staff told the financial state weekly reporter, foreign investment to become a C919 supplier to pay the exchange conditions. The C919 configuration of the engine was originally manufactured by Rolls Royce, the final configuration of the GE engine, the reason is not willing to use the technology for market lolo. Class= img_box "

this is also the Boeing and Airbus to the layout of its suppliers to the Chinese model. However, Boeing and Airbus put some non core parts to Chinese enterprises, the premise is that China's airlines to buy their aircraft. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to fly so layout, is able to truly master the advanced technology of European and American manufacturers? Wu Guanghui said that their execution is international the main manufacturer and suppliers "management mode, Chinese commercial aircraft have complete independent intellectual property rights of C919.

aircraft Department of Beihang University director Huang Jun told reporters: "the government should pay attention to beware of repeating Chinese auto industry precedent, market by foreign possession, but did not grasp the technology. If the core technology is still in the hands of foreigners, sooner or later to be pinned down. "

China's goal is not just to let the domestic airliner to fly on the blue sky, but to use their own hands and wisdom manufacturing at home and abroad, the civil aviation passengers recognized operating companies to accept the product, form a international competitiveness of the aviation industry. It is of great significance to change the mode of economic growth, to promote the development of science and technology, to enhance the comprehensive strength of the country and to speed up the pace of modernization.

large aircraft development is particularly important national projects, on behalf of the will of the state and the government must play a leading role, from the development strategy, industry legislation, industrial policy, financial investment and other aspects, long-term, stable support, provide more in terms of service. Throughout the history of the development of the international aviation industry, the long-term stability of the country is a key factor in the success or failure of large aircraft project. Class= img_box "

aviation industry is characterized by a huge investment, technology intensive, long return on investment. Large aircraft as a system engineering is even more so. The civil aircraft market by Boeing and Airbus monopoly, of course this is not what is behind this accident, the United States and Western Europe strong economic and technological strength of the results.

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