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children learn Chinese, mathematics, moral, science and so on in the school, these knowledge can help children into the society and contribute to society, but in addition to these, there are a lot of knowledge and skills are not taught at school, and these knowledge and skills will let the children live better. As a parent, do you teach these children?


- in the school, no one will teach children to finance, and financial management is a required course in life.

1. savings: now many young people are moonlight clan, is just a small part of the savings to understand. Since childhood, so that the child will be part of his pocket money into the bank, to teach him how to set a savings goal, how to achieve the goal, and then you can buy what he wants.

2. budget: many adults are afraid to do the budget, and for this suffering, this is because we lack the knowledge and skills necessary to do the budget. Teach children simple budgeting skills, as well as related knowledge, so that they are not in the face of adult budget troubles. You can wait until the child is a teenager to teach them the knowledge, which is a good opportunity to show why they need to understand the basics of mathematics.

3. Investment: what is the investment, why must invest? How do you invest, and what are the different ways of investing? How do you study investment projects? How to play the power of compounding time. These are a good topic to talk to your kids.

4. saving: this is the thing that should have taught them since childhood. How to goods than three, compare different price and quality, reuse, reduce waste, cooking at home, but more than eating out, control the impulse. When we go shopping, even before Christmas, we will set a bad example for our children.

5. debt: many adults are faced with debt problems. To teach children how to borrow money, how to avoid unnecessary debt, how to avoid excessive debt, how to use the credit card.

6. Charity: tells children about the importance of charity, and how to develop the habit of doing charity. This is not only a financial issue, but also a social activity. You should demonstrate how to put time and energy into charitable activities.

thinking about article

- most schools only teach children to think about solving problems, and thinking has never been so superficial. Class= img_box "

7. question: Meng Zi said: as far as the book is not as good as the book. Our children should not listen to the teacher and do not ask questions, listen to the teachings of the brain, in the future to become afraid to have objection to the honest staff. Teach the child to dare to question authority, dare to ask "why", he can live out their own wonderful.

8. read: , of course, the school has taught us to read, but the school's education is often tired of reading. With your child in the book, the day of the horse to the imagination of the world, to guide them through the Internet to find the corresponding information, and how to evaluate the credibility of the reading materials, logic and authenticity.

attitude article

- if life is a chapter of music, the attitude of life is the tone, it determines the fate of the. Class= img_box "

9. positive: has a positive attitude towards life is very important. Of course, things may be bad, but a blessing in disguise, so you should stop complaining and seek solutions, the most important is to believe in yourself, get rid of negative thinking.

10. power: to know the key to reach the goal is not discipline, but power. How to motivate yourself in a different way, and to experience the joy of completing your goal. In the beginning, set some small, easy to reach the goal, thus gradually to exercise this skill.

11. procrastination: this is a common problem for adults (and even children). I agree with some of the time, people should enjoy the lazy time goofing off. But when we have to do something, how can we ensure that we can finish it on time? Teach children to learn the lessons of procrastination, to find out the habit of procrastination, and to study how to overcome it.

12. passion: is an important way to success is to find the things that make you passionate, and full of love. Your child won't know the answer at a young age, but you should guide them to find their passion and how to pursue it, so that they understand the importance of doing this.


- we live in society, it will never be separated from the social, the child is also the case.

13.: cooperation since childhood, we were taught the competition doctrine, this is the portrayal of the adult world. The result, a framed, against each other, full of resentment complain about our life. Instead, teach your children that people can achieve a win-win situation, help others to succeed, and will make you more successful. It is better to tell a child to make friends than to make enemies, and to learn to cooperate before the competition.

14. sympathy: this is the theme of the school is completely ignored. In fact, children learn at school often not sympathy and help others, but to increase the difficulty of others. You should teach children to understand others, and to help them get rid of the pain.

15. love: love and compassion are twins, sympathy focuses on reducing the pain of others, and love is the hope that other people's happiness. Both are crucial.

16. listen: our children learn how to listen to the school? Or how to talk with people? Perhaps this is why many adults do not have the reason to listen to this important ability. To learn how to really listen to others, to be able to understand and feel others.

17. talk: is closely associated with listening, and the school does not teach children the art of talking. In fact, it is wrong to tell children to talk in most cases, but we often need to talk to each other rather than to teach them. This is a very important social skill, and should be at home from a young age. Please learn to talk with your children, not as long as he is obedient.

practical article

- how to live a comfortable and structured, is the most valuable heritage of parents to their children.

18. household: various objects how to maintenance and repair houses, including pipelines, electrical appliances, heating equipment, paint, roofing, grass etc.. Grasp the basic maintenance work and methods, and know when to call the experts to help.

19. cleaning: too many adults without knowing how to do laundry, to clean a house, how to make the house to have a weekly and monthly arranged in good order, cleaning. Don't just let the children do this, but they really want to learn these things.

20. : let the children learn how to put a file, how to make things On your marks, how to establish a to-do list, how to set up the working process, and how to focus on the important tasks.

happy article

- to tell the child, happiness is very important.

21. be present. For some reason, we have never learn this important skill. As a matter of fact, the younger we are, the more we enjoy the present. As we grow older, we begin to worry about the future, look back on the past, and the "now" is away from us. The skill of living in the present is a great help to us.

22. enjoy life: children are enjoying life, but only a part of the awareness of the importance of this skill, and how it should be carried out. Even for adults, enjoy life skills is still good, a good example for your children, they will follow you.

23. looking for goals: has a goal for life but is very important, whether it is a noble religious goal, or to make family happiness, or your career goals. Allow children to recognize the importance of the goal, and how to find their own goals.

24. develop a close relationship: the best way to teach this skill in is to establish an intimate relationship with your child, and to be an example of you and your spouse (or any other person). Teach them the skills to develop this relationship, discuss the importance of it, and learn how to overcome conflict. In life there is not, but through communication, understanding and compromise, we can make up.

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