Britain's success in europe! A number of cost-effective intelligent hardware to come to you

Intelligent cost-effective UK hardware

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British Prime Minister Cameron at 10 Downing street, the prime minister before the speech, announced that he will resign as prime minister, the new prime minister will be in October this year.

border-box; according to the Wall Street journal, as Beijing 11:40, a British exit referendum vote counting has been completed more than 3/4, and Optima to three percentage points ahead.

affected by this news, the pound fell to $1.3510, after hitting 1.3465 dollars, a record in 1985 to the lowest level in the euro; the Nikkei index fell below 1.1000 U.S. dollars; futures trading was suspended, for the first time in May 2013, the Nikkei index fell more than 8%.

misfortune blessing of the forest, the Fu Fu Xi disaster. From Europe camp won but impact of the global financial market. Asian stock markets a groaning.after, Japanese stocks fell as much as 8%.
according to CCTV News reported that the British exit will not impact on the price of goods. But the pound fell is a curse, for Chinese study, tourism, investment, hand chop (buy buy buy) is a blessing.
for most of the students work dog, is a bit difficult, no time to travel, there is no investment (chi) (JU) (Zi), the money can only buy buy buy.
British intelligent hardware indeed cost-effective. Go take a look at the ~
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Yoomi British imported self heating bottle

Yoomi bottle the interior has a heater, as long as 60 seconds, you can put the baby milk / milk is heated to 32-34 DEG C. Since every one hour heating heater sustainable milk, the milk temperature within one hour to keep the natural temperature of breast milk.

it uses pure physical thermal heating principle, non-toxic high concentrated salt solution used in the heater, the water heating principle. The process of filling the heater is extremely simple. You can put it in boiling water for 25 minutes, or put in a steam sterilization machine for 25 minutes.

nipple by silica gel material, simulation of breast shape and softness let the baby more easily bite, give the baby feel comfortable feeding bottles.

the latest engineering simulation technology, 8cm ultra wide diameter bottle, more convenient to add milk or formula milk and milk bottle cleaning.
screen mobile phone a week only one charge

border-box; University of Oxford Engineer Peyman Hosseini (Peiman Hosseini) the invention of a new material, can replace the mobile phone, flat Board computer and smart watch glass screen. And this material does not need to consume, the phone may only be charged once a week can be.
90% smart devices battery consumption in lighting screen. Hosseini's approach is clearly more efficient. He said: you may need to charge a smart watch every night. But if you use smart glass, you only need to charge once a week."  

he used electronic pulse manufacturing without power consumption display, even can see the screen in direct sunlight. In Apple Corp, for example, they are developing the use of fuel cells for mobile phones or laptop power supply technology, Apple has been patented, it is said to be a few weeks of power supply.
" mind whisper "pillow for
it is a remote sensing pillow by intelligent hardware combination to achieve control of sound and light ring. When one of the lovers wears a ring on his bed, the other side of the pillow will shine to remind himself to sleep.

even coffins are spared! The research and development of intelligent

Perfect Choice Funerals British Schmid Lanz company actually designed 3D smart printing coffin! This coffin has a built-in display, can play the deceased photo slides and other digital information. Even worse is the coffin and color lights, built-in speakers can play music or speech. Don't you think it's weird?

in addition, the screen will display the streaming media in the form of memorial information, such as the love of poetry. The side of the coffin is fitted with a lamp that can change the color, or the color of the deceased's favorite. The coffin of the built-in speaker can play eulogy etc..

Simpson also said: "social media has become an essential part of people's life, I hope to be able to funerals, science and technology and social media combination create a smart coffin. Perhaps there is still a long way to success, perhaps this intelligent coffin will never become a reality, but it is indeed thought-provoking."

intelligent coffin of creative people believe that the next generation will be able to share a message of condolence and coffins of the dead and their families, especially for those who cannot reach the funeral scene people.

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Britain's success in europe! A number of cost-effective intelligent hardware...

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