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Comedy domestic I love my family

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has starred in" I love my family "," idlers sister Ma television drama "the famous performing artist Jin Yaqin last week, died of illness in Beijing, at the age of 91. Style= line-height: "25px

" I love my family "that a classical piece is from screenwriter Liangzuo hand, the members of the Jia family composition is the projection of Liang Jia: the soul of veteran Fu Ming, the prototype is Liangzuo father, former deputy editor of the" people's Daily "Fan Rongkang.

- brother Jia Zhixin corresponding to Liang Tian, by Liang Tian himself starred in" line-height:

the sister Jia Xiaofan and sister Liangzuo Liang Huan of the same.

1.6; "a good script, a natural actor is also very important, Ying Da mobilized was his wife Song Dandan plays the lead actress.   style= line-height: "25px

beam is near the end, and Song Dandan divorce. The drama plays Jia Zhixin Liang Tian became Ying Da's brother-in-law ~ 

" I love my home ", Liang Tian and Ge You, xie Yuan partner to do a film planning, gradually into the background. 2010 year in September, Liang Tian moved to the catering industry, and the most prominent in the location of the restaurant, set up a room, I love my family name.   style=

shows that this drama has a deep influence on Liang Tian's life. In one of the actors, the deep feelings of the year as Jia Yuanyuan played Guan Ling.  

1.6; "in the play with weird performances, Guan Ling was known to thousands of households has become one of the most influential, China star. Guan Ling grew up self drama "round" tells the story, "I love my home" 17 years after the story, and thus become attached to and served as the producer of Ji yunfei.  

23 years later, Guan Ling has been promoted to a mother and son together, can watch their child's works. However, as the grandfather Fu Ming drama actor Wen Xingyu did not see his performance of the year...... In 2007, Wen Xingyu died of lung cancer in Beijing, at the age of 66, he became a unique and superb performance forever in audience heart .

1.6;" >

play, play Wen Xingyu's son Jia Zhiguo is the same as the actor Yang Lixin. He put the Jia Zhiguo staff of state organs who understand how the weight, and a little henpecked character well.  

" I love my home "has become a universal pursuit of oratorio, except you starring awesome performance, also have to mention large guest star. You are familiar with the Ge uncle that style= line-height: " "hand not to see the six finger" stems from which!

1.6; "what a door" line-height: 25px style= />

hearing the dumplings, raised immediately.

these hilarious performances, 23 years later still has vitality, become the most fire expression package, this is a classic power!

1.6; "Jiang Wen offered a cameo, but also drew Jiang Wu and Xia Yu, although only a few shots for a few seconds then...

when Cai Ming played the same red aspect lot, not only almost became round and stepmother, Pu Cunxin's flamboyant "text" and flash from the flash marriage.  

see this stylish" line-height: 25px style=

and half of the rolling ball head

and Wang Zhiwen and Jiang Shan on this year's fire screen CP also played out "falls" after both appeared in "I love my family".  

Jia Yuanyuan play is set as a fan of Leslie Cheung, so Ying Da Leslie Cheung to think about "I love my family" in a cameo character, but filming approached, Ying Da had no contact with his brother, Song Dandan took the other work to the field. Don't want to Ying Da then contacted Leslie Cheung, the other is to cast on happy promised the next day on the show, because Song Dandan could not back in time, a strange combination of circumstances, brother only in the form of photos a return guest "~

as well as the year in the audience, Feng Xiaogang Kaige Chen...

" I love my home "is our Chinese most revered" home ": the appearance of members, and Le Ankang, one family to chat together, dinner, watch TV and even if the case is difficult, are together together. "I love my family" and the audience with the fate of breathing, so we have to erase the memory. Style= text-align:center "

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