The woman adopted 80 stray dogs to live 4 years warehouse

Warehouse woman family dog barking

sichuanxinwenwang· 2016-06-30 06:07:49

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these two days, the people of Suining, Sichuan Liu Xiaoyu for dozens of stray dogs to find the end result of a matter to worry about. Recently, her dog was repeatedly reported barking noise nuisance, she must be in a month all the stray dogs out of their own community. This "hiding" way of life to raise dogs, Liu Xiaoyu has been difficult to spend 16 years. Class= img_box "

2005", the whole city of Suining began to catch the dog. Liu Xiaoyu rescued two dogs from a stray dog house. At that time, she had to pay 20 yuan per person, begged the keeper will be the death of a dog to sell her. At this time, her family has fed 5 dogs, when she came home with a little dog quietly reported by the neighbors. To this end, she took all the dogs back to home, from 7 months of thunder".

" after the divorce, Liu Xiaoyu took his 7 year old daughter, her family to subsist on helping with difficult. In the days when the most difficult, she held a "can save a dog is a" idea, go out shopping will continue to pay attention to the streets of stray dogs. No money to buy rice, she sold the old old color TV, refrigerator and washing machine, which can change everything she was sold out.

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