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hot summer is coming, the pregnant mother was at work in the heart beat 99: eating out, health conditions cannot be guaranteed; or to work with rice? This is a good idea to do their own meals at ease, but how to carry storage is also a problem. How can the safety with rice in the past? Can also keep the food delicious? Don't worry, look down.

, a family with a meal, lunch boxes, health and safety is the basic

summer with a meal after all is to fight and microorganisms. To make lunch will be in safety, no refrigerator conditions, come up with ways to control microorganisms.


1. vision China first wash the lunch box with boiling hot again, bactericidal effect;

2. then just out of the pot Steamed Rice into, and then immediately put the box seal, the temperature dropped to not hot again in the refrigerator immediately. Remove the lid, plastic lunch boxes will be sunken, lunch boxes or other airtight lid glass tank is difficult to open, because the air in the box by the cold contraction caused by negative bacteria invades are difficult.

, of course, can also handle hot dishes.

1. specializes in a box or a bottle in boiling water, just out of the pot hot pack, then cover tightly, slightly a little cold in the refrigerator can be placed immediately.

2. if you want to install two dishes is not difficult, put them at the same time heating, and then put together in the box.

also take a lunch box for storing raw foods, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other students, it is best not to cut, or you can put some fresh fruit.

, get two boxes, with what food is the key to

to bring food, with what? Not only to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women, but also to avoid the type of pregnancy is not suitable for consumption, the key is that the two heating and the like is not a nutrient loss, and even the body has a side effect. Mommy to consider a lot, you may wish to take a look at the following suggestions:


for staple food with rice, the staple food is the best Steamed Rice. Steamed Buns, pie type of staple food should not enter with lunch. From the perspective of microwave heating, the heating of the Steamed Rice basically can maintain the original state, Steamed Buns, pie is extremely easy to dry, not microwave heating.

2. meat and seafood

as far as possible to choose the unsaturated fatty acid content of beef and mutton, chicken. The pork of unsaturated fatty acids is relatively large, not selected lunch category. Not recommended for hairtail and seafood, because after microwave heating of fish and seafood are difficult to maintain the original color, look up from the appearance will also affect the appetite. If the pregnant mother to eat, stay for dinner enjoy delicious food.

3. vegetarian diet:

pregnancy vegetarian is essential, it is best to eat some of each meal. We all know that vegetables are not easy to take, so we do not recommend the leafy vegetables and salad, with the best of Solanaceous Vegetables, non perishable, the microwave oven is not easy to change the color and flavor of dishes. Man


suitable "meal": scrambled egg with tomato, eggplant, cabbage, beans, cabbage, bacon, bacon, salted and smoked duck, tender bean, radish, sweet potato and other classic dishes are more suitable for. Should not bring food with high fat. Double cooked pork slices, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, meat pie, fried rice, better not to take.

three. In addition, the cooking method is about

in addition to the above two points, the food cooking method is suitable for carrying also pay attention to cooking methods:

1. suitable for microwave heating is steamed, braised, stewed, the method of cooking in the microwave oven, and is not easy to change color, and stir fried the dish is not suitable for microwave oven cooking. In addition, with rice only 7 minutes cooked. Class= "img_box" id= "

2. "" suitable for some sour dishes. Because of a little more acid, the general rate of bacterial reproduction will be slower.

3. selection for multiple heating of the dish.

such as potatoes, carrots, beans, eggplant, tomato, melon, pumpkin, radish, mushrooms, kelp, fungus and so on. Green pepper, after repeated heating is horrible; spinach, too soft on the poor taste, color will turn ugly.

4. ahead of the greens with boiling water boiled

if you want to add green leafy vegetables, and not the color brown, can put it in advance with boiling water boiled. This will remove most of the nitrate and nitrite. Since nitrate has little, is not in the refrigerator during storage into nitrite, with in boxes, reheat, is safe.

if you do not like the kind of dark color, may wish to go home to eat dinner and then a lot of green leafy vegetables, no problem.

5. students do less salad

cold dishes, such as mix cabbage, Robs, in the process without heating, no nitrate removal from the. Second days in the morning at room temperature for a long time, because the bacteria multiply and increase the content of nitrite, not at ease.

can also directly put raw vegetables washed, and then also take some noodles, flour paste, soy sauce, direct dip to eat, fresh and delicious, and safe.

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