What kind of experience is the use of a sniper rifle?

Sniper rifle experience axis target

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actually "sniper rifle" is a relatively not professional or broad word, because in principle can carry on the sniper rifle is a very big category, and even said that the rifle can be used for sniper.

if you say a little bit more, such as the high accuracy of long-range tactical rifles, and even high precision in the remote bolt / semi-automatic rifle, which is relatively easy to describe the.

in principle, if it is specialized in the use of sniper rifles tactical, that is, in fact, the core of high precision, followed by the mid range.

as a residing in the United States shooting / hunting enthusiasts, I have a Sig Sauer SSG3000308 caliber bolt action rifle with high accuracy, American Rifle M10 0MOA Hensoldt 6-24x72 lens ring, sight, and precision shooting for a period of time.

SSG3000 is a typical "police sniper rifle", Hensoldt is targeting a top military goods purchase, even to sign the transfer of the contract shall not be exported. So I think this should be a "use sniper rifle" experience. Here to share with you some, also reluctant to.

first few pictures:

truth, to put the gun fired easily, to play enough, or that the consistency is good enough, it involves many aspects. That is to say, the answer will be relatively long. I will try to write slowly, but not fast, accurate and as comprehensive as possible, in order to fully and share my knowledge and experience:

) the first few hit by shells, how many can show the accuracy of the gun

. This is placed in the range on the shelf, a row of 308 caliber cartridge, the distance is 100yd, which is 91.44 meters. In addition in the range away from the firing point at the end, which is the distance from the target frame back about 20yd, which is 120yd or 109.728 meters on the ramp, similar placed another row of five. Here are the results: class=

120yd on the five, is to use the five gun to get, hair hit. There are three hair runs through almost the middle. That is, if the same distance to put a knife, it is completely able to hit the. In other words, before seeing a problem that can not be 80 meters hit the edge, then this shows that is entirely feasible, if the gun, bomb, right

100yd, the five day of play time is black, hair is hair in front of the four hit fifth targets hit third before hitting, because it further go dark, aimed at higher difficulty, and finally hit the body tired, estimates are possible factors. Finally, because of the dark, only to find the four shells, but I'm sure there are 5 hit. The

precision is interesting: D

first fill several map, the other one is Benjamin Marauder.25 (precharged pneumatic pre charging air rifle, the PCP air rifle Zeiss Victory HT 2.5-10X50), collocation and NightForce ATACR 5-25X56 hunting mirror, mirror tactics.

the two mirrors are also the first stream of sight. The former is to the Marauder standard, which is a bit far away in Seattle, I want to hear the gun friend brother compared with hensoldt, the diagonal across the United States sent here by the way, expressed thanks to him: D

gun mirror see below:

which is working at home, sorry the table in a mess: "D


< P class= ATACR sight "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_16" style= "='>

hensoldt 6-24x72 features, four wheel uses:

left the small lateral wheel is used to regulate the scope division (reticle) red lighting brightness and switch, left medial big knob is parallax adjustment, the units are in meters. Adjust the sight on the horizon for the cross level above the knob (elevation), each adjusting a "click" is also heard a click corresponding in the distance of one hundred meters on the front sight under 1 cm, or 0.1 mrad (mrad), while the right side knob for adjusting the cross wind around, or partial (windage), as a regulatory unit. Class= img_box "

this is the ATACR's aiming mirror. This is the so-called first focal plane (focal plane front) design, its advantage is that in any case, the scale can be maintained in line with the scale.

this is the partition of hensoldt, the difference is that a partition on the second focal plane (second focal plane), so the division is only about 12 times when appropriate and effective, while other times need further conversion. The following 246810 for broad ranging. If the goal is to stand the human form, then fill with a corresponding height, the distance is corresponding to the number of units is 100 meters. Class= img_box "

"" this is a group of 5 hair group.25 Marauder air rifle on the 100yd shooting effect. Class= img_box "

this is the ssg3000 in the same distance of the five group results.

because before getting a friend's ATACR F1 nightforce has no chance to try, and finally could not help but live tonight (or last night) went to the next ten minutes away from home only to open the members of the shooting club. Fortunately, the range is empty, so it can dominate. In order to better share the experience with you, in the preparation process before the War I took some photos, the following talk: the D

raised a total of two gun gun bag / box, a backpack and a high pressure cylinder range. Gun bag containing front posted installed ATACR F1 Marauder.25 air rifle, gun box is equipped with hensoldt SSG3000, high pressure gas cylinders used to flush the compressed air air rifle.

the cylinder itself is used to diving, diving rated at a pressure of 3000psi, the owner of the shop heard is used to give the air inflated, so an exception to this was added to 3500psi, easy to inflate need to 3000psi Marauder gas. If you do not have to use the high pressure air cylinder, 1000PSI hit 3000psi to almost two hundred, very painful. A friend in a PCP gun, must enter the cylinder! D

: a little far, open the bag, take out the shooting process needs something and one set at the same time, the pockets out to sit undisturbed when shooting. The first is to set the target mirror. This thing English called spotting scope, Chinese wiki Taiwan seems to translate "forensic telescope", there is a ratio was significantly higher than that of large aperture telescope handheld binocular telescope.

I use the model is ED82A NIKON, caliber 82mm, ED series is the flagship of the NIKON generation, the current should be discontinued, so it is also cost-effective. The new EDG series several times more expensive. The mirror standard is 25-75 times zoom eyepiece and eyepiece can be replaced, I daily is more wide angle 30 times the times from the eyepiece, like field size and image quality and image field brightness than zoom eyepiece is much better.

there is also a good function, which is spotting scope through special transfer lens adapter Nikon SLR camera (therefore also can further through the adapter ring transfer canon and Sony full frame body), equivalent to 1500mm F11, so it can be used for long distance digital photography (digiscoping). Here is the

ED82A frame up like:

is 1544t below the Gitzo tripod / head set. Scope spotting because of large magnification, basically impossible to hold, so be sure to stand up. So it is necessary to have a stable and portable carbon fiber. The tripod was originally bought for the camera, but more than a year has been basically with scope together.

another perspective ED82A:

ED82A in "A" is the meaning of "angled" is a certain angle between the eyepiece and. This advantage is easy to observe the bow. I bought the ED82 straight tube, the actual use of discovery is not very convenient, then replaced by ED82A. The return policy here is really good. In A bought ED82, after not satisfied return, then in the B family bought ED82A, are very successful: all kinds of debris is the next D

gun. Because it is a self-help club, so would like to own the processing target frame and screw target. Also comes with all peripheral equipment. The following is a family portrait:

from the beginning of the right:

zeiss victory compact 8x20 portable binocular telescope for rough observation near (within 50yd) target. Rx100m3

sony today with special bands, used to take the sight of the target and the target mirror.

leatherman chargeTTI multipurpose tool, used to carry out all necessary protection regulation and treatment of possible fault

to have eyes and ears in the goggles is the first priority of the range, is called eye protection and ear protection, referred to as "eyes and ears". If there are several members of the club at the same time in a shooting range, there should be a person to do the spontaneous range (range Officer), officials responsible for the confirmation of all compliance, one important point is to switch to allow fire to ensure that everyone wear protection, then the password is "eyes and years!

bose qc15 active noise reduction headset for hearing protection. This is actually used for the. Normally should be either with rubber ear plugs, or use a special active noise reduction headphones (only noise reduction function). Because qc15 is already there, so let it come to the guest.

stanley strong stapler and staples that something is missing. The range. A piece of cardboard to nail on the wood set up target, and the target nail to the target, have to rely on him. If no gun can not hit: D

ZQI 7.62x51 shell (brass cased) FMJ (full metal jacket) in the standard rifle. This is the 50 Fen of the cheap goods produced in Turkey, according to NATO's 7.62x51 standard. But the average accuracy advantage is cheap enough, so in the beginning when the gun can be used to play, by the way can also be used to warm up, and the reception began playing is not to the point of D

Federal Gold Medal Match 308 friends: This is the high precision rifle competition called don't plant bombs, when there is a discount to about a $two a piece, usually about five (twenty dollars a box of 30). The accuracy did not have to say, will put only the back of the photo, work is also very good, but too expensive: D

OFF mosquito repellent liquid (green plastic bottle above) this is necessary. The range in turf, and a large variety of insects. Do not spray liquid repellent will die miserable, painful itch again: D

showed a small round box is JSB EXACT DIABLO MATCH racing high precision gas gun,.25 inch (6.5mm) diameter.

two brown is used before and after the gun bag. This thing than two tripod and unipod after much better effect, because it can help the absorption from the body vibration, let the gun shooting platform more stable. A fine shot, if there is a choice, is always the most appropriate sandbags frame selection:

gun) is the most left some personal things down, not to say: to target and target after D

nail things out:

put the pieces inserted in the base, and then set the above board position, then use heavy-duty stapler staples fixed play naked. It's pretty big, bring about a centimeter long staple into the wood completely completely without pressure: below is D

to the top of the nail paper at home, with their own printer in letter size print out, save money, and the shape of fine aiming, convenient statistical size and dispersion: D

actually ordered two targets were placed in 50 and 100yd distance. Because Atacr F1 has just installed a gun, first in the 50yd return to zero, then 100yd distance.

50mm focus on the shooting platform at the distance of two vertical target. The truth is that 100yd is not in class=:

50mm in full frame body is probably the monocular perspective, in other words a glance the actual effect is almost on the map so.

after that is the start of a gun fight. Before the sight of friends want to know what are the goals here, put two, respectively is 100yd distance of the target in 24 times hensoldt and 25 times ATACR sight. RX100M3 shot, seems to be focusing is not very accurate, we can see:


note that the sight is the FFP division, advantage is that no matter how change times, the angular resolution of partition in the scale corresponding to the is the same, a target distance can get the corresponding convenient size scale. For example, on the way up and down around the sight of each grid corresponds to 1 mrad, then in the distance of 100 meters is 0.1 meters. 100yd (about 91 meters) is about 9 cm in the head.

, that is to say, if the height of a head is 20cm, then aiming at 25 times high magnification, the distance of 91 meters, but the figure from the cross hairs on each one so big start. So we look after the movie, see the sight of a huge head, especially with the sight of only a few times magnification, you can know that this film is a dramatic, or far below is hensoldt: D


is the SFP (second focal plane) design, so the upper division writing 12x, that is to say it is divided in only 12 times magnification effectively. Then in 24 times will be converted under mental arithmetic. Fortunately, under 24 times as long as the simple X2, but at other times under the passive. This is a big drawback of SFP. It can be seen that the same in the ATACR inside the two grid corresponding to the length of the hensoldt in the field of vision to correspond to the 4 grid, because of the relationship between X2.

is divided into the lower part of the scale has a simple ranging. That is to say, when the sight is set at 12 magnification, a standing height if humanoid targets and 2 words above the corresponding height, the distance is about 200 meters, and 4 corresponding height equivalent, distance is approximately 400 meters, and so on. The same, we can see that in fact a 200 meters away from the people in the sight of only how small a little. The

below give a ED82A+30x wide angle eyepiece view photograph:

can be seen, although this is more than the previous 24x and 25X 30x amplification, but the same goal in the whole field like but only small multi part. The whole field is so huge that it can't take a panoramic view of the camera. This is a wide angle eyepiece awesomeness. A broader perspective means that while there is a high magnification, it can be observed at the same time a larger range of target objects, which is very useful benefits.

finally put two FGMM308 features:

< /p>

ammunition surface is very smooth and do not say, the important point here is that the process of projectile. Standard full metal is a bomb, is to do a good lead core, and then the bread of copper. In this way, the axial symmetry of the projectile can not be guaranteed.

look at the FGMM308 projectile, the most sophisticated but not sharp but flat, there is a small hole in the center and at will. This is because the projectile is the first finishing to do a good job of copper, and then through the front of the hollow inward lead, so as to achieve a better processing accuracy and consistency.

this is also playing an important advantage of the gun: it is definitely a penny stock, you spend the money really have immediate benefits, the idea of the flower will have immediate benefits. In turn, once you neglect what stole lazy, the problem will be reflected from the accuracy, not the slightest bit of luck

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