British media said that China is developing an ultra high-speed submarine arrived in the United States only 2 hours

Submarine the United States only China

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data map: the effect of the super bubble torpedo underwater navigation map.

original title: British media said Chinese is developing a super high speed submarine arrived in the United States only 2 hours

British "Daily Mail" website published in June 28th entitled "the United States Navy is developing the" supersonic submarine "reported that the swimming people know, because of the water resistance, free will is a difficult problem in water action. For a large submarine, the problem is even greater.

however, funded by the US Navy, researchers say they have a simple solution: the super bubble technology.

researchers at the Penn State University applied research laboratory are using the technology to develop a new system. The new idea is a reference to the technology developed by the Soviet Union during the cold war.

is called the super bubble, is the underwater ship wrapped in a bubble in order to avoid the problem caused by the water flow resistance. When the Soviet Union's "storm" super bubble torpedo speed up to 370 kilometers per hour, more than any other conventional torpedo is much faster. Theoretically, the super bubble submarine can reach the sound transmission speed in the water, the speed of 5800 kilometers. According to a report published on 2001 by the California Institute of Technology

, as a result, the underwater cruise across the Atlantic to the time required will be shortened to one hour, across the Pacific in 100 minutes. However, this technology will also lead to a bumpy journey, and the new research team has solved this problem. Recently from the Penn State University Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, Grant · Kidd Moore said: "supercavitation technology were used for water supply in the submarine can greatly reduce resistance and improve speed. "In order to form bubbles around the submarine, the gas is injected into the front of the

to extend the entire object. Sometimes, however, the bubbles will shrink, causing some of the hull to soak in water. The periodic relaxation and contraction of bubbles are called pulsation, which may lead to instability.

application research laboratory, senior researcher, associate professor Timothy ·, said: "there is a phenomenon can not be good, we first discussed the problem in theory, and then carried out the experiment. "

researchers have published their analysis and experimental results on the web site of the International Journal of multiphase flow.

China is also developing a supersonic submarine, if successful development, the submarine from San Francisco to Shanghai in less than two hours.

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