The stock index fell 0.66% for steel and nonferrous metal support

Shanghai index salad investors economic data

tengxunzhengquan· 2016-04-20 17:33:32

CICC said, "set for a long time will fall once again come true, the potential impact of market sentiment level factors include: bond market default one after another, worries about liquidity and credit default, leverage and the bond market volatility increase; private new new regulations are expected to begin implementation, market rumors have more private did not meet regulatory requirements; on the marginal trend of monetary policy concerns. Although the situation can hardly be optimistic, but being there is no need to be overly pessimistic. Market, the rapid volume dropping has released some short kinetic energy, the market continued to unilateral fell sharply the possibility is not big, follow-up about rate show a range of finishing state. < p > Shenwan Hong think rebound so far, still can not see a clear admission incremental funding, the bank securities transfer system in early March has so far been largely tied and chips include limited ban the sale of shares is increasing. Margin financing balance growth is extremely slow, and relying on the stock of funds, 900 billion yuan turnover may be difficult to break, the market also can not go too far. Finally, macro economic data in line with expectations, it is difficult to stimulate new bullish enthusiasm, but look forward to the future, has entered the disclosure of the annual report of the final stage, the part of the performance difference report will focus on appearance, stocks "black swan" event to defense. In addition, from the perspective of time window, late April after a favorable rebound periodic window will gradually close, once confirmed will have a subtle change in investor psychology.

investment strategy, the agency said, the overall valuation of the motherboard is relatively reasonable, especially non-ferrous metals, coal and other resources. With the rebound in commodity prices, A shares which resource class heavyweight should be stabilized rebound, the stock has stabilized to a certain support. At present main index and gem refers to in the future is bound to differentiation, the market index even can be stabilized, there is no guarantee that the gem that continued to sell, which was enthusiastically participated in the discussions of the subject shares, shares will be preferred to sell the object, and therefore to coolness, must control the position.

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