Man for ten years was fair and because of illegal petition to the prison

Petition man civil dispute ruling

yangguangwang· 2016-06-30 16:19:01

CNR network news (reporter Li Tengfei) the Red River in June 30th according to the China sound "center wide news" report, more than and 10 years, Yunnan Honghe man Ji Xiaobing due to dissatisfaction with the bad civil lawsuit, continued to petition, which there are excesses, non normal petition. In May this year, Gou Xiao Bing trouble committing the crime was sentenced in four years and nine months. People get good luck, in August last year, the Yunnan Provincial Higher People's Court issued a final judgment on the civil dispute Gou Xiao Bing, he was in the detention center received a commuted sentence. The case of

long time span, turning continuously, according to the "honest outlook" report, 1997, Ji Xiaobing on behalf of the party and he was Yunling technological plastic factory work units in Honghe Prefecture of Luxi tobacco companies reached an agricultural film supply contract. That year, Yunnan suffered drought, agricultural film Gou factories offer early degradation, the relevant departments that this is a harmful event. In 1998, Luxi county court judge Gou Xiao Bing committed the crime of speculation, sentenced to three years probation for five years. Gou Xiao Bing, the appeal case after the protest, retrial in 2003, Honghe Prefecture intermediate people's court judge Gou Xiao Bing. Tobacco companies of Luxi County in the process of lifting and Gou Xiao Bing of the labor contract, and that the plastic film supply contract default prosecution, asked Xiao Bing Gou to make compensation. Gou Xiao Bing received forefoot acquittal, the foot but became the defendant, and the Luxi County People's court, Xiao Bing Gou Yunling factory Luxi joint tobacco companies 158 yuan million yuan refund. The two civil litigation has become a cause of Xiao Bing Gou more than and 10 years he continued to petition, on all levels of court decisions and rulings are not satisfied, and so many non normal petition, many times to bring people to the Luxi tobacco companies petition, long time refused to leave, and many others in the field of petitions etc..

in May this year, Gou Xiao Bing trouble committing the crime, was sentenced to life imprisonment in four years and nine months. In prison he came the two judicial correction of civil disputes, the Yunnan provincial high court before the decision: only need to return the factory to Yunling tobacco companies 500 thousand yuan; and the tobacco companies asked Xiao Bing Gou person take the case responsibility for lack of evidence, can not be established. To disturb the crime sentenced, Gou Xiao Bing also refuses to accept the decision, appeal now. His petition behavior is aggressive, whether to constitute a crime, but also need to wait for the law to make a ruling. The reporters got a copy of the Supreme People's court for the case of civil ruling, found out in 1997 when the factory in Yunling has been explicitly recognized by the degradable film provided does not reach the requirements of the contract, the two sides of the film, the liability for breach of payment price differences. These details need to clarify the issue, but also need the law to give an objective and fair, convincing ruling, which is also a "let the people in every judicial case feel the fairness and justice" should be. But from this case, in fact, both sides paid a huge price, this "tug of war" is not the winner.

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