Li Xiaolu and his wife on the Korean dance jump cause the topic, unlock new skills Hallyu star

Skills Li Xiaolu Korean dance

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attention understand Miss gossip, a cavity blood all give you!

recently, with Li Xiaolu dance once again boarded the hot search list, also know little Qucourenao took a look at the video, dance, youthful girl full of gas, do not see is the mother. />

video here, when the length of 1 minutes and 10 seconds,

small note flow suddenly understand sweet sweet and buddy play," came in the dressing room look at the table, a drawer of every kind of sunglasses and a variety of cosmetics, " buddy "line-height: 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; tongyanwuji 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap;" > said: your mother is so bewitching!

the following was the two buddy God dialogue:

> "buddy: these things are who ah?

> "small sweet hope: These are my mother.

> 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; " partner: your mother is too demon!

> 25.6px; white-space: pre-wrap; "...... my mom...... My mom can.

small sweet Xinren God replies let users began a variety of conjecture, the phrase" my mother "what is what want to express? Style= line-height: "1. my mother is indeed quite a demon. 2. ok.

this small understand after reading Li Xiaolu's dance video, already can't think of a more appropriate than what" demon "adjectives, of course, this is a good small. Style= line-height: "

netizens comment is mixed, some students will use the "all adults, also XXXX" sentence.

and passers-by to help Li Xiaolu powder retort, said this dance is the South Korean female group SISTAR, they would have to walk the wind is sexy. />

understand Miss looking to style= line-height: "25.6px SISTAR original interpretation of , but also really pretty sexy it!

Photo style is unsuitable for children! Style= line-height: "25.6px


with the original sing and then see GIF, think how kind, cool is not cool?

in April this year, Li Xiaolu also had a" skip HyunA red "because of the video, it is the first time Li Xiaolu in front of the public to show their Dance.

this video was also later Jia Nailiang forward, also playfully said that "in this life the best thing is to let Li Xiaolu three words appear in the account of the"

1.6; "at that time, many netizens Tucao her action is not standard, but there are fans that Li Xiaolu is playing amateur entertainment dancing.

did not think now Li Xiaolu's dance is becoming professional, has also become a suction powder weapon.

is not Li Xiaolu love dancing Korean combination dance, husband Jia Nailiang also quite kazakhstan.

once in mango Taiwan party enjoyed the BIGBANG dance with his wife, but the effect is far worse than the......

first look at Jia Nailiang at the time of the other, wearing a mink came to imitate BIGBANG dance, a big truth feeling embarrassed all make the cancer.

jump so - "

why a hunter from the Northeast in the deep mountains and forests just catch hunt back end that visual sense? Style= line-height: "25.6px >

it is true that......

video here, when the length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds,

although Jia Nailiang jumped Korea dance a bit worse than Li Xiaolu, but one family all jumped BIGBANG, all star powder people also ring a lot of powder, stick fans comments: This is VIP! />

; "it can be said that some domestic stars really rely on changes in their location Hallyu passers-by.

and Jia Nailiang as a couple, now many entertainment stars are more or less affected by Korean, and many more ways than you think oh.

Angelababy BIGBANG has always been a little fan, "running man" had to have the right to see Zhi Long, was with Quan Zhilong on the same stage when Baby was not like the shy.

; "many people get!

has had many fans sister brother, mango Taiwan New Year party BIGBANG; "dancing on stage, Li Yifeng, William Chan TFBoys, although the same as the stars, but they also see or knock excited.

Li Yifeng -

;" William Chan excited to open "as dancing" mode --

TFBoys; ">[state is also very crazy --" text-align:

; "and the entertainment of the first wife. Huang Xiaoming male, know Baby love BIGBANG, the wedding was also shocked Quan Zhilong dance video exposure after a lot of VIP on Huang Xiaoming upup.

on the penetration of Korean entertainment is also reflected in the artist's clothing, as Li Yifeng has been wearing a Korean fan children, also repeatedly photographed special hit fly to South Korea for only a haircut, artists are the other by the South Korean team packaging.

Korean mechanized landing , blossom everywhere on the TV you can believe, to feel.

earlier hit series" falls in love "and" shuttle Millennium carat lovers "are China and South Korea Co production of TV drama, the heroine in the play on a Korean fan children.

gold Taihuan next play will partner "dedicated" Tan Songyun.

this chemical reaction in the manufacture of Korea star station together is also very magical.

is now a lot of stars will choose with South Korea's capital cooperation, whether it is good or the Han, South Korean team resources, or, this is a popular way to get more attention.

but, although the Korean fan children, Korean are very cool, but a draw is not a permanent solution, have their own style and temperament can not only suck powder, and solid powder!

(commissioning editor: the Elbe "line-height: style= cabbage Li Beika)

center;" > know miss in hand, what knowledge are we next goodbye!

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