How to carry on a conversation gracefully like Wu Xiaobo?

How elegant Wu Xiaobo

zhongxingzhinengshou· 2016-07-01 02:24:54

  when the buddy recently chatted hot movie, "text-align:center

you haven't seen the film is not always a Face the black mark,

or quietly diving.

had not seen the movie, how to blend gracefully on the film of the conversation?

if trained this ability,

the circle of friends social Wang you.

here in the slot points full of "independence day 2" as an example.


first you have to know why we have to see?

first cast, if not a lot of fans sister love beans,

that everyone basically is directed to the strength of the actors acting.

second except Willl Smith is the original class lineup,

plus AB also starred in, there are acquaintances, see.

after a lapse of 20 years, the light is enough to impress the people feelings.

director Roland Emmerich,

"Godzilla" "2012" and other works of the body,

no Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6; color: RGB (255, 41, 65);" > the film is not good.

the first set in line with the modern military science and technology,

F18 hornet combat,

20 years later, became a space free flying, you can see.

666 routine play, each enemy hit love against the landmark building,

Big Ben was destroyed, the fire of London to burn a pulpy,

independent people to provoke you.

revealed so much ah, really not in the "font-family: style=

for "Independence Day 2" did not see the story,

"font-family: Microsoft YaHei, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: RGB (81, 81, 81); "> amount, possibly because it has no plot?

light is special blessing enough, "

director adults should would agree.

even can not be bad, "said highlights.

adapted to modern hard film technology and aesthetic trend,

special blessing, many scenes are quite shocking, "

biubiubiu blue laser is very exciting, "

some plot is the human has been longing for the scene.

Corsair can monitor the alien drill into the earth the internal activities of

human by spaceship can between the earth and the moon

fly free, < /p>

space exploration system, expanded the scope of human activities.

each planet has closer contact between

on other planets and the earth can talk,

aliens can also attack all of the planet,

if we are now a global village,

the future they are the village.

in the information age, of all things through the Internet link.

today, at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai exhibition,

ZTE chairman Zhao Xianming speaking of

" IoT connected things, health value ","

to talk about things in intelligent manufacturing, smart city,

, intelligent transportation and other fields Home Furnishing wisdom application and development of

and introduces some interesting things for everyone.

Mobile World Congress like a raging fire.

display of high-tech products, ZTE booth filled everyone to everyone.

5G, IoT, RCS, video, SDN/NFV,

Spro Plus, ZTE intelligent projection VR, V7Max, 2.0

a lot of people come to the onlookers, queuing experience these product highlights,

the scene was a man called mountain sea.

and is also the focus of attention of financial experts.

this afternoon, the famous finance expert Wu Xiaobo

and executive vice president of ZTE terminal has Xuezhong

style= "color: RGB of "on Chinese made Xing future discussion.

as Chinese made representative

ZTE always adhere to the original technology research and development.

ZTE has always insisted on innovation,

part of income every year more than 10% into above research.

from the successful experience of all the high-end market, "

to have a strong sense of patent.

real globalization is not only the global market, "

really into the local culture, good localization is also very important.

Wu Xiaobo Chinese manufacturing industry in the future should be like ZTE,

in hardware and software for the product development itself outside, "text-align:

and assume China communication industry base Infrastructure construction responsibility, "

to patent advantage and fast iterative ability as the main competition, "

to complete the brand globalization.

ZTE full of fighting spirit and innovative spirit of

the construction force of new smart city,

better future way.

in Jingdong ZTE mobile phone mall and mall sale,

scan the QR code or click on the " [read

experience the perfect combination of technology and imagination.

; ZTE intelligent mobile phone (zte-smart

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How to carry on a conversation gracefully like Wu Xiaobo?

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