How much charge is the best mobile phone charging?

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kuankedashujushiyanshi· 2016-07-01 08:02:06

intelligent mobile phone. Is good, but there is a problem almost no solution: the need for charging. Intelligent mobile phone and high-end, once out of power, and a fragile tile covers no difference. Let us can not help but take out to look at the eyes, and depressed to put back, hey......

so, the question is, how much better the mobile phone battery charging time? How to charge the phone more safe and effective, and does not damage the battery, so smart phones live longer?

for many people. Charging is a natural thing: before you go to bed by the way for charging the mobile phone; any socket place to see the seam Pin for charging the mobile phone; even a charging treasure whenever and wherever possible to charge a mobile phone; sitting in front of a computer and mobile phone plugged in the computer.

as to how much power to charge mobile phone...... Well, it depends on how much power left to the last. But there are a lot of people in charge only 20% or 15% began warning, hurriedly jumped for the charger.

! How much power charging effect best?

general. A battery is almost depleted battery, like a trapped in the desert who once almost died of dehydration, let him come into contact with water as fast as he would draw up water. In the same way, when the battery is almost consumed, the charging efficiency can be achieved. So when the battery is still 10% of the battery charge, there may be more than 50% of the time to charge the receiver to receive a higher current.

but, if as mentioned above, the electricity is very low to the mobile phone battery charging, you will suffer!

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incorrect way of charging what harm?

in everyone's concept the rechargeable battery to 20%, will be better, so in the era of nickel battery. But by now the era of lithium batteries, really let the phone down to 20% or even automatic shutdown, the battery damage is very large, it will cause slow charging, battery life is not used, and even lower battery life and other issues.

in addition, if mobile phone use automatic shutdown, the lithium battery because of excessive discharge resulting in internal voltage is too low, may not be able to boot and charging condition!

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! How much electricity charge is best?

each cell has a a charging cycle number, charging times run out, it means that the battery in the end.

a charge the cycle refers to the full charge to the battery from the battery is completely exhausted, so if you are always poor mobile phone battery runs out before charging, the battery cycle is greatly shortened. Therefore, as far as possible to maintain more than 50% of the battery power, once below this amount, it is time to charge the phone.

! Is there a problem with the excessive charging of mobile phones?

we all know, Li the battery will have safety protection circuit and a lot of security full-time, enough to ensure automatic discharge in excessive weight Circuit for cutting off the battery. Therefore, under normal circumstances will not lead to excessive charging explosion and other security issues.

but battery is to continue charging, let the battery has been maintained at full power state, will speed up the battery capacity loss of speed, so that the battery capacity is low.

is the lifeblood of the mobile phone battery, please protect it. Don't let the battery has been in a state of charge, also don't shut down power and then rushed out to charge the mobile phone, don't use mobile phone in high or low temperatures, also don't let the mobile phone can fast charge fast charge, slow is fast, so you can only play a greater performance, you said?

source:   science China micro platform

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