May China Mobile Internet users broke 700 million communications video tools to carve up the market

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liumeitiwang· 2016-07-01 08:02:32

according to iResearch mUserTracker latest data show that in May 2016, China Mobile Internet users reached 700 million, total length of 31 billion 600 million hours, video, communication tools and applications three categories respectively occupy the market share of 34.7%, 28.4% and 17.6%, becoming the most consumption of the three major types of application Chinese time. WeChat, QQ and Iqiyi continue to occupy the number of users, using the frequency and duration of the national top three.

data show that in May 2016, the use of communication, multimedia and video chat utility time reached 10 billion 950 million hours, 8 billion 950 million hours and 5 billion 560 million hours, accounting for China Mobile Internet market share of 80.7%. In the field of communication and video, WeChat and Iqiyi respectively in 5 billion 190 million hours and 2 billion 840 million hour long industry occupies the absolute advantage, utility class, QQ browser and UC browser to use time to occupy the top two, but the gap is minimal.

in the PC market reaching saturation, mobile phone users still maintain growth. In May 2016, China Mobile Internet users for the first time exceeded 700 million, the viscosity is further increased, the average daily use of mobile phone users China mobile phone every time to 94.4 minutes, is watching a movie on a mobile phone in a day. In habits, entertainment and communication has become the main demand of China users, users continue to focus on the mainstream platform; while demand is relatively complex tools market, users are more scattered, browser, input method, clean and safe, become a tool for the needs of the application key.

in a single APP, WeChat, QQ and Iqiyi mobile phone users demand intake of entertainment social maturity bonus. Three platform applications continue to occupy the number of users, the use of the number and time of use before the three, WeChat, QQ and Iqiyi's monthly active users were 551 million, 494 million and 299 million, accounting for the proportion of users has reached 16.4%, 11.3% and 9% respectively, forming obvious barriers to competition and the second group. In the telecommunications market, mobile phone QQ and WeChat's growth, has not formed the complementarity constraints, may be related to the formation of two APP in the user layer and geographically relevant; in the field of video, Iqiyi has adopted the popular content to improve the IP ecological development, and a series of member services, the formation of a certain trade barriers, in May 2016, the use of Iqiyi APP long, 340 million hours more than two or three of the sum of Tencent video and Youku, also has a certain contribution including literature, show business and entertainment services. />

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