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Alipay limit skills

qudongzhijia· 2016-07-01 08:14:01

yesterday, iOS version of Alipay usher update, in the "balance" part with a specific text, is the use of the balance of payments limit, divided into 1000 yuan / year, 200 thousand / 100 thousand, lifetime / year three lines, corresponding to the three types of accounts.

is actually from the chart below shows, through the improvement of real name information, almost everyone can get 200 thousand / year amount.

for the 200 thousand lines, simple combing as follows:

1, with the balance of any payment (except cash outside), including the balance of the money charged into the balance of treasure and transfer to others will reduce the balance of payments.

2, but the use of bank cards, the balance of treasure, flowers chant and other payment instruments not included in the balance of payments payment.

so we can through the following several aspects: the use of

1, bypassing the 200 thousand limit fast payment bank card (if the balance in money, to withdraw cash to bank cards)

2, the use of the balance of treasure to pay , but must pay attention to the balance is automatically transferred to the balance of treasure "button to turn off the , or imperceptibly, will be deducted from the balance of payments.

3, ant flowers chant pay , this method is the most ideal, has 1 months of interest free period, due directly from the bank card payment will not be deducted the amount of 200 thousand.

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