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US Army action Navy warship

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known as the" American thad missile system

America is now the only superpower in the world, whether military or economic are way ahead. However, after nearly 20 years of development and the failure of the U.S. military in Iraq, the U.S. military is absolutely leading the situation is changing.

the United States is to be the world's police, that is, the global empire. No matter who threatened him, the U.S. military will be hit, so to engage in the global real-time combat system program". And I can beat you. You can't hit me, so the U. S. military in almost the entire northern hemisphere in the deployment of a variety of anti missile systems, from Eastern Europe to East Asia, the use of a large number of anti missile system to surround China and russia.

its purpose is very simple, to eliminate the advantages of China and Russia in the missile. So as to obtain the absolute military superiority. Russia approached the era is big, is the portrayal of the world situation is stronger than people. Sino Russian joint will form a top strategic balance. Wu Enyuan said the United States in a group; we also need China containment, unite the power of justice.

however, the absolute advantage of the U.S. military is being weakened. First, China made aircraft carrier, stealth fighter, the Chinese aegis ship and anti missile system and so on are being served.

Russian new intercontinental missile

Russian new ICBMs, new nuclear submarines and a new tank, stealth fighter is also served in succession. The military technological superiority of the US military is decreasing. Moreover, China and Russia jointly issued a "strengthening the global strategic stability" and other 3 joint statement. Russia and China together, and the U.S. military's military forces, will be a huge change.

despite the military contrast, the United States has some advantages, but within 1000 kilometers of Russia and China, the advantages of the U.S. is being drastically cut. With China and Russia in the development of missiles, nuclear submarines and stealth fighter, the distance is still rapid expansion.

the United States continued to display the military pressure, the results of the Sino Russian military technology in recent years has been an unprecedented development. Russia and the Central Asian countries to know, especially the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries together, land area accounted for 1/3 of the entire northern hemisphere.

#p#: #e#

found! The people's Liberation Army of the South China Sea into the U.S. crack method

in the South China Sea since the high winds and waves, is a wave did not stop after another! Pull the United States to return to Asia in Japan, Philippines and other major allies continue in the South China Sea spoiler and in order to safeguard the freedom of navigation for hegemony of.

here we present U.S. warships intruded into the background of Chinese invasion of the South China Sea!

since October 27, 2015 the United States "Larson" warship entered the South China Sea without the government allowed China, illegal entry into Chinese island in the South China Sea reefs seems to be the norm in China! Although according to U.S. ships carried out tracking, monitoring and warning. According to the British

Reuters reported on May 10th, U.S. Defense Department spokesman Urban said, the United States Navy Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer "Laurence" 10 days into the China Yongshu Reef within 12 nautical miles of the implementation of the "freedom of navigation" tasks, to challenge some party claims in the South China Sea area over sovereignty".

he also said, "before the voyage there was no sound of the claim, which is in accordance with our usual practice". The United States will break into the South China Sea described as routine cruise". #p#: #e#

in addition to the United States to send B-52 strategic bombers Chinese leap over the islands and reefs of islands in the South China Sea show presence! The U.S. six stealth fighter F-22 in Malaysia and Ashe will visit to Subic Bay and other nuclear submarine. The United States is still held in the South China Sea and Philippines Philippines side by side "seize the island" large-scale military exercises.

2016 in April 4th to 15 in Philippines, the territory of Palawan, Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and other provinces, the United States, Philippines and Australia dispatched a total of nearly 10000 troops participating in the exercise, the Japanese self defense forces for the first time invited to send observers to participate in. It is a "sword engorgement potential" and "and at the same time" is revealed.

in the face of all kinds of supreme gold to the general public to discuss the analysis to the general reader.

first, we must raise awareness, the United States is to continue in the Asia Pacific is constantly making Asia Pacific spoiler! The tension on the use of Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea Islands Dispute! There is the cross-Strait issues we must face, Cai Yingwen came to power after the United States will become aggravated! #p# #e#

before we judge that the United States is a showstopper troublemakers, but we must deeply understand the intentions of the United States in the end is what?

this is to analyze from the US economy, the United States since the war on terror, then lost control of the Asia Pacific, which is in jeopardy for conquering the world. The United States hegemony! Since

2010 basic standstill of Japan and South Korea fta. On the surface of these phenomena indicates that the United States has achieved the effect of alienation. While the US army returned to Subic Bay can be said to hit a nail thick in the South China sea. We often say that Negligence makes dangers.! But there is a word called timid war will perish! The United States is a spoiler?

the answer to this question is to look at the Diaoyu islands into the US Japan Security Treaty and military commander Harris recently not to see the general Chinese put relentless. On * * * U.S. media reported in May 9th, the U.S. Pacific commander in chief of the United States B Harris said his troops must do a good job tonight on the preparation of the war. #p#: #e#

, he said, in order to safeguard the interests of the United States, "I have to use its own tools, but they are military tools, is a great tool. "He said he was not worried about the South China Sea between the Chinese military and other countries of the army," I think they are a professional army.

he said the greater the risk is that the conflict caused by the Chinese military vessels, may force the United States to bear the defense work of American allies. From the above news U.S. is well prepared and I in friction!

again, Kyodo News reported on March 5th, the U.S. Department of defense and the seventh fleet of 4 news release, the fleet of nuclear powered aircraft carrier John Stein based began a nice warning and surveillance activities in the South China sea. In addition, the carrier based aircraft carrier.

and Lenovo in May 10th, the U.S. Navy ship USS Laurence without the consent of the Chinese government, once again illegal entry into China's Spratly Islands reef within 12 nautical miles of sea, claiming that the execution of so-called "freedom of navigation" action, I ship machine monitoring and warning, to drive away. #p#: #e#

although the American warships machine illegally entered South China Sea reefs about the territorial sea is not the first time, but this time there are several different purposes. It is likely to gradually upgrade we have to guard against the first Supreme gold

on behalf of Ge! Think; the United States continue to violate (UNCLOS) a blatant challenge to China in the South China Sea Islands have territorial waters and contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf and other related maritime rights is naked hegemonism thinking

again! In fact, this challenge is actually a long time, U.S. military aggression, frequently in the waters near China engaged in military measurement, came close reconnaissance and other provocations, is pushing military in the South China sea.

the second is provoking Philippines Nanhai arbitration verdict is expected to be made recently, main content and viewpoint of ruling may have the basic shape, the most unfavorable to our country. #p#: #e#

" as everyone knows, the South China Sea arbitration is political farce, the Philippine Federation of performance in legal coat. At this time the U.S. warships into the reef waters 12 nautical miles, apparently in order to cooperate and influence the final ruling arbitration case on the South China Sea, and forced China to accept and execute arbitration!

the last supreme people's army China think; in the South China Sea and the U.S. game must be rational, our strength, and do not make trouble, not afraid of things. We are ready to take that and to do well the diplomacy, with the South China Sea dispute countries sit down and talk. Have a deep talk, American conspiracy theory and the collapse of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation good environment! What is the

relationship between South China Sea and the United States? Freedom of navigation freedom of navigation in the South China Sea? No problem! The problem is the U.S. economy collapsed! If the Asia Pacific can war the U.S. economy will soon recover. A large number of international hot money will return to the u.s..

international investment company will withdraw from the Asia Pacific and then to the United States and Europe and other countries. This point from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the follow-up effect of the war we all see very clearly. Japan and Philippines are doing big dream! Today you China small countries can expect the United States to swallow? Dad to help you fight? #p# #e#

"in fact Americans most clearly, even the United States itself is in jeopardy in turn! What Chinese said the United States and the United States is not at war? If we must completely get out of Asia? In fact people all know the measurement is to let the fire burn more prosperous Philippines and Japan to fight

Chinese attack! Not winning but upset the spoiler, the overall development of the Asia Pacific peace! The United States can take out arms windfall! As for who wins the United States does not focus on the matter of life and death in the United States hope to fight Japan! Chinese residues, then the United States can With the pull side frame to stay in Asia do not go! This is

to the Asia Pacific rebalancing, don't fight without dispute how to balance that? Balance is controversial, the dispute is one hot war. But once the war broke out the situation is not so simple to control! Chinese will withdraw all troops occupied the island islands. The effect for the Asia Pacific power game watch is a wise choice, if the blind will swallow the sacrifice and failure in not to know good from bad consequences.

Sun Tzu said: it is not victorious, the good; without war, the best is good also. So the army attack plan, followed by cross cutting, followed by cutting soldiers under siege. Therefore, China to resolve the issue of the South China Sea is based on the enemy without war, as far as possible not to solve the problem by force. #p#: #e#

of our army should be gradual base advantage, sent a large destroyer, warning and warning fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, wide detection of the South China Sea area and its wide range of over expansion.

do the effective disposal of U.S. warships in action, set aside enough time to use Chinese reconnaissance satellites to American warships, warplanes launched and active reconnaissance, the China people's Liberation Army to maintain maritime security and early warning machine in a large area of the South China Sea, including 24 hours of full coverage of the Liberation Army of the South China Sea reconnaissance.

this is our army for the U.S. military means. And in fact, the most important is to establish a military base in the South China Sea, so that the enemy outside the country.

supreme gold in personal view that the United States do not have the illusion of the United States, if not the 9.11 terrorist attacks in the United States has long been completed before the Asia Pacific rebalancing to contain china. Now the US economy and military change. #p#: #e#

America now than we good equipment where? Is nothing more than our hardware advantage, sent warships, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, bombers until China show presence around. Join the war these things are living iron coffin! How can I not escape a saturation attack U.S. strategic rocket forces Dongfeng -21D and Dongfeng -26 anti-ship ballistic missile?

can not escape China shore based missiles, air based missile and ship cruise missile phalanx? Although it is said but we have to pay attention to is. The American challenge we can no longer like endless patience!

pain, people's Liberation Army must put up a pageantry military fight against foreign joint. Campaign is a must, if the U.S. is upset then we are leveraging the power up Japan, Vietnam and other countries to make muscle can't take that! Let us go blindly in the South China Sea to the South China Sea! American warships will burn! Why don't we wait in the back into the island reefs? >

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