Angela Chang song MV kiss muscular picture of passion (Figure)

Angela Chang MV new song new album muscle man

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Angela Chang kissing Li Zhizheng

, according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Angela Chang (Angela) after 2 and a half years, the upcoming ninth Mandarin album "fully occupied", as the album has served as music director of the music style and the album not only single handedly making more upgraded MV director, $3 million 500 thousand (about RMB 720 thousand) led by the wave hit "goodbye" before MV palm mirror, she said: "in the past simply excited to sing good songs, best performance for MV, the first contact with the director, feel very exciting!"

Angela Chang in the new MV, with the idol drama actor Li Zhizheng as lovers, two people 10 years ago in the idol drama "Princess" worked together to play the full understanding and show hug and cry and quarrel play without difficulty, and even Angela Chang to strengthen the dramatic tension, also active with kiss, and Li Zhizheng lips lips. Among them, Angela Chang Li Zhizheng stripped jacket, revealing strong muscles good body figure, let the fans feast for the eyes, she smiled and said: "do you want to put in place, if the couple kiss, will be fake, so of course is spotted lips!"


in the work of Angela Chang busy, often working overtime and travel, Li Zhizheng often deep feeling of waiting, not asleep in the sofa, is alone to paint. After the outbreak of the mood, because together from many big fight, one actor in a car accident, Angela Chang hurried home, sitting in a wheelchair to see her boyfriend, she looked haggard, but has amnesia did not recognize her, holding her boyfriend collapse crying, and she also revealed this song to convey cherish love, love to love in the moment. Angela Chang July 21st release of the new album, 23 will be held at the 3 degree attack eggs.

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