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; "the future will be like a hearing aid contact lenses as popular.


is not every musician to withstand Beethoven due to deafness and the fate of life and fight. As a result of hearing damage, the United States, Losangeles musician A. Daniel can hear the sound of less and less. He chose to use the hearing aid to improve his hearing, "Eargo will sound back to me."


is different from the general hearing aids, this Eargo uses stealth design. User C. Sylva described the use of their own feelings: this hearing device is very small, small enough to not be noticed. And I can still wear my jewelry, so that people can not pay attention to me wearing a hearing aid, which makes me feel very comfortable."


  in fact, users will still be found friends, because they soon find themselves not loud or repeat what they say. And users do not have to turn the TV volume to the maximum sound. More importantly, each user should not have to feel sorry for their hearing problems.

; Eargo from the appearance point of view,

  looks more like a fish is taking off, and its expansion of the wings are made of silicon materials, can let the hearing aid parked outside the ear canal. These expanded fibrous materials will not block the entire ear canal. This design not only ensures the effective transmission of sound, but also can increase the permeability of the ear canal, improve the comfort. More important is the price of this hearing aid is only half of the traditional hearing aid.


, a company that was born in 2010, was co founded by surgeons and Silicon Valley medical and consumer technology experts. Founding team from Standford, MIT, Harvard and Cambridge, as well as apple, YAHOO, Logitech, Match.com and large hearing aid production company Phonak and ReSound GN company's consultants and managers. />


; the company has got a $25 million B round of financing at the end of last year, and because of its invisibility, comfort, ease of use and lower than the U.S. market prices of similar products and the "popular science" magazine "What" sNew 2015 "award. In March 2016, the company won the red dot product design award.


  in fact, this looks a bit like a fish product is indeed derived from the inventor of the fishing hobby. French doctor Michel Florent and his son, Michel Raphael, composed of R & D team developed this hearing aid. It is said that inspired by the use of fishing float. And this small thing can be used to support the same as a round box charger for wireless charging, under normal circumstances full of electricity can be used for a whole day.


and the interesting thing about this product is that the "wings" is behind the micro speaker, the entire product does not have a button, control the whole sound. Users can tap the ear to change the default 4 modes, select the best volume status. You can also set the volume of different ears on both sides of the hearing aid. />

Eargo for the mild hearing loss of users,


people believe that a new direction for the future development of the hearing aid, perhaps one day, micro hearing aids will be like contact lenses into people's daily lives. Raphael Michel CEO said: "research shows that about thirty years from the beginning of hearing began to show a gradual downward trend. According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of people who are hearing impaired. />


: Eargo

is the

establishment: 2010

business scope: stealth



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