Music game "Futurama series producer" from SEGA to resign

Sega producer music sea

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-07-01 10:54:07

music game "" series producer in Futurama from SEGA marine turnover in June 2016.

"SEGA feat. HATSUNE previously served as the marine MIKU Project project for the integration of producer post, in a variety of game related activities" "Miku, often we can see him.

in his left message, thanks to the vast ocean of "Futurama" game player support has been. About the reason for leaving, marine said he wants to challenge new things, not at work there are major problems needed to be responsible for, nor he has been doing bored, we do not have to do too much conjecture.

with virtual idol charm, a lot of beautiful songs, "" series of Hatsune Miku already has a strong group of fans. Recently, "Miku: sound future Diva plan" (PS4) has been on sale, the relevant information can buy? "Miku: Diva plan view sound of the future". In 2016 the "Miku" series will launch "X HD plan: Hatsune Miku Diva", "VR Future Live" Hatsune future works.

2017, the sound will celebrate the 10 anniversary of the future, the official will launch more activities.

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