Where should the advertising be? Digital marketing and consumer as the shadow follows the form.

Advertising consumer

airuiwang· 2016-07-01 17:23:19

from "mad men" s until recently about ten years ago, business leaders and businesses to continue to market their products, spare no effort to have large sums of money to invest in traditional media newspapers, radio and television advertising. People in the limited "monopoly" of the media to see the advertising information, they have the desire to like the product, which ultimately stimulate the purchase behavior. />

so for today's enterprises, to promote a product or brand through advertising in this era, they will not sit still, must be pointed to the "ubiquitous" network, may find to potential consumers interested in them, and make them pay attention, convey advertising and promotional information give them. In a simple sentence to say: />

is simple, but a higher and more accurate delivery requirements of marketing advertising and promotional information, although already beyond the scope of traditional media can, however, digital marketing was able to do this point. />

recently, "2016 digital marketing case

TOP50 Internet Weekly" and the launch of the new editor of Silicon Valley power (the first half) of the list, we can see many wonderful figures from all walks of life together with the marketing case, writing marketing in the age of legends. Interactive for its wonderful interactive creative and contains the program of buying technology, comprehensive, advanced precise digital advertising technology to help advertisers get the brand promotion effect of excellent communication effects and outstanding marketing case and reputation. In the interactive service in the case of FOTILE group, "" love what you love, the long-awaited "FOTILE Tmall" Double Tenth a drainage internet promotion and Lexus's "Lexus hybrid technology NX300h:" sky net "reproduce" won the outstanding achievement in the top position.

and the most worth mentioning is that the 2016 main brands of digital marketing wisdom TOP50 (the first half) of the list, the main brand UNIQLO interactive bulletin sent, with a case of "excellent clothing, lucky, wearing UNIQLO home" 2016 spring festival marketing ", with its outstanding performance in the O2O scene in marketing. Won ranked first!

is the so-called marketing scene, by building a real life in a particular scene, to cause people "imagination and psychological hint, naturally makes consumers into the scene described the atmosphere, causing the desire for goods and services and consumer behavior. For example, people see the restaurant will think of eating, walking in the commercial street will think of shopping, to see the family will be reminiscent of the warmth. The UNIQLO, by the Spring Festival of 2016, hand in hand together consumers into a "new year" "new" weather, new year is needed for the family to acquire "new clothes", "send lucky" Spring Festival consumption scene.

through the New Year Spring Festival this opportunity, UNIQLO launched "excellent clothing, lucky, wear home" marketing action. Through the use of digital marketing platform, UNIQLO to target consumers data multi dimension analysis and positioning to find the potential target population, formed the core of the UNIQLO brand exclusive crowd database. In order to lay the foundation for more accurate and effective on the target. After

to locate suitable potential on the object, by selecting from the media, UNIQLO APP and social media resources in mobile Internet, established the best media combination. And the spring festival scene will be full of characteristics of UNIQLO H5 mobile phone interactive marketing theme, through the media, as well as the hdtDXP program of advertising and marketing platform for distribution channel delivery, to achieve the precise spread of mobile media is more suitable and effective, so that the target consumer groups have the Spring Festival for consumer recognition and resonance!

, on the other hand, to attract consumers in the mobile terminal through the formation of a strong fan exposure effect at the same time, it is combined with nearly 500 retail stores, the store's free WiFi, WeChat Digital POP mobile payment, etc. under the flag of the line to the next line of drainage flow, and the formation of the online scene the crowd gathered, offline physical stores to buy "the scene of the trading effect. At the same time in the implementation of marketing scene of the Spring Festival, UNIQLO will original "O2O fans economic success in order to upgrade the wonderful" mobile scene of OXO marketing "interpretation.

but the case is just a UNIQLO interactive digital marketing platform through many successful cases in the. Digital marketing is to help brand enterprises in the digital network era, more accurate to find the right target population, and to promote more effective marketing advertising. But to do this, in addition to DMP's own data and the data management platform of third party data resources to support the support, also need to be able to help advertisers in a variety of "media" and "screen" to the "right" for the target population and effective advertising.

in the digital advertising technology and media rapid iterative update today, interactive has helped in brand advertisers continue to explore the creation of new times for the "right" way of marketing. As an interactive CPO Han Xiaosuo mentioned today, whether it is increasingly hot live, or social circle of friends is like native advertising, brand companies need not DSP or LBS scene marketing a marketing technique, but need a face no matter what kind of marketing environment, all can really help them effectively spread the brand and product information to the target consumers of the integrated marketing program.

so don't ask, if talking about the digital network to recover the original simplicity, the era of marketing is the core, or that sentence:

where consumers, the corresponding "appropriate" advertising will be where.

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