To be puzzled! Why does the big air wing shoot the Chinese goal?


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recent circle of friends is green, yes, because the European cup.

and we're going to talk about football culture.

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- RGB (117, 117, 118);" > air wing and the football culture, what is the relationship?

- > male fans see the strength, female fans see Yan, really?

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football culture is enough Highly developed industry foundation of

the football industry in football as the center and related industries to produce more complex. Highly developed European soccer football industry, a very important factor is that they have a huge fan base, has a rich and colorful culture has attracted fans, fans love the club culture, which formed a healthy football culture system, which is the cornerstone of development of football industry.

on the football field, soccer spirit is more important than the result of

football culture is the soul of the people of Bailey The story of Maradona, playing football in the street when Robben, for having heard it many times, Schneider and other European players recalled their football Road, all started in the streets to play and my family.

in soccer, football influence on children, first of all from the family, from the community, and then the campus. Football field, the victory is the result of everyone's expectations, but more than the victory of the people, is one of the spiritual power of the show. When the football gene into the blood, the football field will never give up, hard work, team collaboration and other positive content will be written into a person's value.

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create a football culture atmosphere is

in creating a football culture atmosphere, 82.7% of fans think the" campus football "is the main action, followed by the 70.7% fans that need the support of national policy, the two The point is the most important.

35.8% fans think the media should strengthen the positive publicity

this view; Consistent with football media people, they think it is a good time to Chinese football culture development, the government and the football association have paid great attention to, in the football development plan is also made clear that the media should follow the trend, seize the opportunity to contribute to the development of Chinese football.

15% fans think we should promote the football culture

this view has not been too many fans agree, but we are in the deep interview with the football association officials have found that the Chinese Football Association is concerned about this area.

a Chinese Football Association is working to promote football training video in the children's television channel primetime broadcast; on the other hand, also hope Chinese entertainment industry to launch more similar" Captain Tsubasa "such as football cultural works, animation, film and television, can be video games and other forms. Because from the development process of Japanese football, "Captain Tsubasa" to boost the key in them, can be said that the comic lead and accompanied the rise of Japanese football.

industry on the current China works football culture attitude

Beijing football club three primary school training department director Li Zhibin said:

good cultural works, we need to have good cultural foundation." Captain Tsubasa "this cartoon form may not be suitable for now Chinese conditions, but through high quality works of other types of football culture Young people to guide, is indeed the current social media can do.


from the media can play the advantages of doing some small football propaganda video sent to the Internet, have a certain role on the popularization of football.

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