Excellent mood! Van Gaal goes to dinner by Bentley.

Mood Van Gaal Bentley

zuqiufan· 2016-07-01 19:37:14

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in Liverpool after the victory over the enemy. Alex Van Gaal is obviously very happy. So how does he celebrate it? Some Manchester United fans may have guessed, that is to go to the most favorite restaurant for dinner.

at the end of the game, Van Gaal and his family on a car for him to prepare the extremely luxurious Bentley came to the Tianwaitian restaurant (Wing' s), this is a restaurant he love the most.

from the way Van Gaal Gebulongzui smile that his mood is wonderful, it is no wonder that he is still on this season's future is full of confidence.

Blinder, Herrera and Marshall scored United's 3-1 victory over Liverpool, in which Blinder and Marshall riding the waves in the world break off is particularly exciting. As the season progressed, the United States also rise directly to a high position. Looks like everything's been on the right track.

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Excellent mood! Van Gaal goes to dinner by Bentley.

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