Henan baby is bisexual to Beijing for treatment 3 times his father murder

Henan father propaganda department iron station

· 2016-07-01 20:38:17

Henan "double EVA"

original title: Henan bisexual baby father to Beijing for treatment due to the three murder of

is less than 15 days a bisexual baby, dad and grandpa suffered facial, Wu Yan was abandoned wild murder, heartbreaking. This newspaper reported that after the issue has aroused the attention of cctv. At the same time, love is still a continuation of a caring enterprise donated 20 thousand yuan of milk powder, angel mother foundation to pick up the child to go to Beijing to check treatment.

reported by CCTV on 20 March

6 newspaper, "" I want to keep him alive, and want to let him die "" exclusive editions, He Jian Zhen Nanping Cun, Linzhou City, the baby father and grandfather suffered hermaphroditism three murders, and the tragic story of father and grandfather by the police for murder detention, caused great repercussions in the country, caused the CCTV "frontline" hotline "12" column of attention.

6 23, CCTV arrived in Linzhou in-depth interview, the film has been completed before the date of the day, will be broadcast in the near future.

caring companies donated twenty thousand yuan milk powder

to see the unfortunate experience of the bisexual baby, we are very shocked, but also very painful. "Bai Rui milk monopoly responsible Sun Xuee said that from the Zhengzhou evening news to see the society from all walks of life care and help the baby, she was very moved, she tried to provide help for the baby, and submit the application to the management of the milk business, did not expect to soon be approved.

6 29 afternoon, Heilongjiang Hongxing Group Food Co. Ltd. and eversuccess milk monopoly donor line braved the heat, rushed to the Anyang Linzhou Jian Zhen Yang Xiaoqing's home, the value of donated 20 thousand infant formula milk powder and supplies yuan, "added to the children of good nutrition is very important, good immunity, good health baby, in order to better face the disease in order to thrive".

bisexual baby's mother Yang Xiaoqing moved to tears, "in recent days, people across the country continue to give us donations, the child's illness is expected to receive treatment, now also have to drink milk, or well wishers!

invited to Beijing for the children to do a check

hermaphroditism baby, is unfortunate enough, as the main source of income for the family baby father Zhang Dahui (a pseudonym) chained and thrown into prison let the poor family, and suddenly the heavens … …

with full care of children, the Linzhou public Security Bureau propaganda He Jian Department, police, Criminal Investigation Brigade and other units to act quickly, a whole society launched a love relay, a help rapidly converging stream into the child.

angel mother Foundation invited Yang Xiaoqing and her mother went to Beijing to check treatment. Hot weather, health considerations for the children, the police more than 50 kilometers to send a special car to the mother and child to Anyang high speed rail station.

inside the bars, after Zhang Dahui cried: "thank you thank you thank you for all the police, the media, enthusiastic people! I'm sorry kids, I must seriously confess it, as I do early release from prison to the father's responsibility. Thank you, thank you, … … "

Zhengzhou evening news reporter Shi Chuang