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LOL2016 de Marcia cup is like a raging fire to carry on, the LPL and LSPL teams gathered to the top China players meet in this contest, the following Xiaobian inventory of 2016 German Cup four core players.

LOL2016 de Marcia cup is like a raging fire to carry on, the LPL and LSPL teams gathered to the top China players meet in this contest, the following Xiaobian inventory of 2016 German Cup four core players, see which players can play the leading role in the German cup.

promise: The old without morality is hateful.

LPL "Chinese promises as senior thief, as de Marcia cup only one of four consecutive players, large occupation age is still maintained in the peak of the state. In particular, he has perfect protection for their deep desire KDA, as extraordinary time fighting in the front of his players, KDA actually beat all the domestic and foreign occupation circle, get first place some of the frenzied, too strong to break. However, this is just the news only, touching, when EDG was in a awkward stage, when all the rumors EDG will fall, he and DEFT EDG to carry through the most difficult time. As a professional player, he was not caught in the so-called rumors, but the image of a perfect professional players: hard, proud, wise. It is precisely because of these, he has been able to maintain the peak, CARRY from the entire team.

UZI: after the crown dream machine gun "img_box

UZI has already become Chinese on the world stage had the best performance of the occupation player, ADC is recognized as one of the strongest. His gorgeous aggressive operation is daunting, his smiling face and also fear anger. But the UZI's embarrassment, even so strong he even made such a dazzling performance, now his occupation career, has not yet tasted the taste of the championship, his best result is only second. UZI began to run away to find his own champion dream. However, after wandering, UZI or RNG to form roots again in the legend of the Milky Way. This is UZI again for the first large occupation League game except for the Royal family. He can satisfy your desires and get the hearts of returning to the championship, and open system of hegemony in the country and the world road?

MARIN: a person alone in a city of

to the world's first single champion to join the LGD MARIN is the beginning of sorrow join the LGD. Thought to be able to form a champion team to re kill him back to the world stage, but was from the LPL were deeply malicious. They do the same thing in different ways: to make him as much and as possible a hot spring. When MARIN began to adapt to the rhythm of his teammates, but it can not escape the torture of the disease. LGD just left the MARIN and IMP left behind this warship. However, the pain of the MARIN is that you can trust his teammates IMP did not trust his teammates want to walk alone in the CARRY on the road, so he appeared on several top to the opposite opportunity. So MARIN stood out, students with Rambo, AIKE and troll or burn or open a path to victory. The German Cup, whether LGD is the road to revival? MARIN can hold the wreckage?


if LPL did not come in SOFM, who does not believe that because of the arrival of a person can change the team the style and even set off a trend in LPL. His original bandit play and the policy of three when just entering the LPL to many teams in fear. But when people study his routine and play for time and began to design, SOFM is slightly weak, as in the mud before. And the current German Cup, if the breakout group, SOFM will be likely to withstand the test of MLXG's RNG and EDG's promise. Very interesting is that, MLXG and promises have been expressed in an interview to eat SOFM's remarks. SOFM LPL in the face of the strongest attack the wild MLXG and LPL most varied most seasoned promise can still strong?


everyone has a favorite player, but not every player can show my best in the most appropriate time. So please let us always support them until the flowers bloom.

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