Strongly recommended: "the man who picks the stars", a story about dreams.


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is realistic support of our dreams, dreams or support our reality? Style= font-size: "14px line-height:; 20.3636px

history is created by the sages of ridicule!

today recommend "font-size: Promo - "North Stars", hope to see all of the heart, you will be touched, I hope you can find a childhood dream, at least not stop children dream.

copyright belongs to the author, a tribute to the original author

about dreams, and two according to the true story of the film we recommend to

> Eagle Addie cloud walking

finally, and large data sharing big data abstract dream

data abstract dream

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2013 year in July ~2013 year in November, I "want to do its best", share value to readers of dry cargo. I believe that in this impetuous era, as long as you do, you will have to understand you, appreciate you, and even join your team. In this way, a person has done more than 5 months, and no one said, made the article did not ask others to forward, just want to see how much of the spread of the article itself. After several months of testing, the effect is good, the amount of reading, fans gradually increased, determined to continue to do so. But also realize that a person's energy and vision are limited, in order to provide readers with more valuable articles, digest need to have more people to join.

2013 style= "since November, there have been more than 100 volunteers to join the big data abstract, we are a group of data is full of passion and ability, willing to share professional personnel. Team members are volunteers, are all Chinese, in the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Chinese, finance, telecommunications, medical and related biological technology, media, aviation, Internet, IT and other industries.". At present, large data digest has been more than 350 thousand readers, is the most influential big data from the media.

" from one abstract "to" a group of people in the future, to make the abstract "," everybody's Digest ", we hope to make a summarization a data analysis of the community, to give each other, each harvest. future big data abstract will be full-time part-time + + volunteers operating mode, so that it can guarantee the stable operation and can guarantee the diverse content, and as a platform for" the contents of the output of the big data digest "will be permanently free. again, thanks to the big data digest every volunteer to pay. Style= font-size: "14px color:; RGB is our dream to support the reality, we want to spread the data thinking, spread data culture, help industry development.

hope to join or understand the data abstract friend, please reply to "volunteers" , if you want to join our full-time or have any comments and suggestions, please message back, I will seriously see every message. This is one of the articles we have ever made for reference. " by volunteers, how big data digest 200 thousand fans, make? "(click on" font-size: style= />

data abstract" text-align: right founder

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