Star, not for any club a loyalty, but he is still capturing a large number of fans


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Manchester, welcome to Zlatan

Ibrahimovic to join Manchester united. This was not the best secret of the summer of 2016, especially after Mourinho took over Manchester United. However, Ibrahimovic heard in Instagram to determine their own Shangguan Xuan Manchester, United supporters are still very happy, even if the Swedish God tower neither signed nor the routine physical examination.

on the deterrent force of Premier League teams have?
lost to Belgium, Ibrahimovic played a large pale Match, at the same time he said goodbye to the Swedish National team. Ibrahimovic in October this year will be over 35 years of age, Manchester United will bear a high salary for his joining, but people will not doubt Ibrahimovic will bring a change to Manchester united.

once Ibrahimovic single season in all competitions Club Goal number less than 30 also in the 2010/11 season, when he was in Milan in 42 games and scored 22 goals. 4 follow the Paris Saint Germain season, Ibrahimovic played in 180 games scored 156 goals last season, 51 games into the 50 ball, Ibrahimovic also set career goals in a season high rate.

2015/16 season, the Champions League, Ibrahimovic has in the 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals and played against Chelsea and Manchester City, Ibrahimovic in 4 games with 3 goals and 1 assists, unfortunately Paris again lost by Manchester eliminated. Earlier in Europe, Ibrahimovic passing a total of 22 times against England football club, with 6 goals, the team wins more negative, of which 3 ball Ibrahimovic is Arsenal, but 7 times against the Gunners, Ibrahimovic only 1 wins (2011/12 season, the Champions League AC Milan 4 o 0 segner). 4 Manchester United rival Liverpool (two times with two times with Juventus, inter Milan), Ibrahimovic hasn't had any success or goal.

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Europe on the Premier Zhu Qiang lethality is not strong, not that Ibrahimovic also cannot kill the Quartet in the premier league. Because the Premier League Ibrahimovic often is an important guarantee for the team Yiqijuechen, 13 season Ibrahimovic had won 12 League titles.

against England, Ibrahimovic tianwaifeixian"

more convincing is the representative of Ibrahimovic of Sweden and England team battle record, he played 4 times with 5 goals, including a four and it shocked the world of the" super day hook".

Manchester United meet the new king

Ibrahimovic to Manchester United will bring not only the goal.

he has been United legend Scholes, Schmeichel and others to" United King Cantona compared the Danish legendary goalkeeper declared: "Ibrahimovic is born to play for Manchester united." The Reds had suffered 26 years of non League champions

the distress, the king to visit after the 5 season, the team won 4 league titles, Beckham Giggs and his side, Scholes is the backbone of the rapid growth of the rise of the team.

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maybe Ibrahimovic will not in the Old Trafford play 5 years, however, the Swedish God front exists will benefit in a similar way to rush Ford, Marshall and other young players jump up.


1.6;; Ibrahimovic is not a name ending with" sson "ordinary people in sweden. The Swedish open refugee policy had destroyed the country's friendly and calm, but also brings the mixed Ibrahimovic -- the pride of the people of sweden.

Ibrahimovic after 15 years of

15 years in addition to the national team for years, he has not any other team a loyalty, but Ibrahimovic also used his skills to capture the large number of fans. The player's career is like a set of machines, only day after day to adhere to a long career. The 35 year old Ibrahimovic is still full of passion for football, he is willing to continue to play in the Premier League too observant of conventional standards. career, to prove himself.

Ibrahimovic and idol Ronaldo

don't repress your true self, Ibrahimovic became an artist in the one and only football life completely informal wandering. The club has removed many unable to reach the Champions League, Ibrahimovic will be more willing to focus on their achievements: "Ronaldo throughout its entire occupation career has not won the Champions League, people will say that he is a very successful player?" />

Ibrahimovic said he and Tohti had the same obsession - that is the belief that their ability to make important contributions. Competitive level, they do not have to prove anything, to promote their forward is a love of football and loyalty. "I think I like the older Wine!" When it comes to the growing age, Ibrahimovic used this metaphor to dispel people's doubts.

Ibrahimovic and Mourinho

Ibrahimovic appeared in the press to ask him for his girlfriend gave what engagement gifts. "Nothing, she's got Zlatan." Reds fans will still look forward to the club to continue to introduce new signings in Ibrahimovic to visit, but the effect of Mourinho and Ibrahimovic to join together in terms of the other "gifts" are no longer more eye-catching.

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