M & a shock to the car before the ten major reshuffle


HiFin· 2016-07-02 11:35:52

is the world's top ten automotive semiconductor supplier market share ranking (unit: $one billion)

IHS pointed out that in 2015 the global automotive semiconductor market reached $29 billion, growth of about 0.2%.


Buksh pointed out that by the i.MX processor two digit growth advantage, NXP to further strengthen its in vehicle infotainment system. Benefit from the automotive keyless entry (PKE) system and vehicle network technology with increasing permeability, NXP analog IC also has two digit revenue growth.

Renesas technology accounted for about 9.1%, fell to ranked third, followed by STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics) and TI (Texas Instruments).

IHS pointed out that because of Renesas technology for three consecutive years by the dollar yen exchange rate continued to diminish in value by. The main business of Renesas technology from Japanese customers. Therefore, in dollars, although the car Renesas technology semiconductor revenue fell by 12%, but the yen, but 1% growth.

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