KMT officials Cai Zhengyuan: missiles hit the fishing boat is to save Taiwan

Taiwan missile Inpac fishing boats

tengxunjunshi· 2016-07-02 13:25:05

information: Cai Zhengyuan

original title: KMT official Cai Zhengyuan: the missile hit the fishing boat is saved in Taiwan

7 1 in the morning, Taiwan's Navy 131 fleet a Jin Jiang ship to Taiwan direction mistakenly shot a range of 300 kilometers of glory -3 supersonic anti-ship missile, the missile hit a fishing boat in the southeast of Penghu sea. 1 pm, the KMT policy chief executive officer Cai Zhengyuan in Facebook said that the fishing boat to save the mayor of Kaohsiung Chen Ju, saved the Kaohsiung, but also to save Taiwan.

Cai Zhengyuan wrote in the face book, if the missile is not blocked by fishing boats, hit Xiamen. "If the mainland. The system automatically starts, Kaohsiung has been destroyed in the war, Chen Chu have long been dead. The right to say that the fishing boat to save Chen Ju, to save the Kaohsiung, but also to save the Taiwan.

Cai Zhengyuan's face book caused netizens hot, only 2 hours, point like 2000 times, to share a few hundred times, far more than the usual activity.


@Ht Zhang: the most annoying is three li (Taiwan green media observer network note) it is said what accidentally hit the aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier, Mozhun sank, please, hit the Taiwan missile boats, death is Taiwanese, dead things can laugh when point?

@ beam Yuexian: We strongly questioned Cai Yingwen in the battle of Taiwan provocation, remanufacturing.

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