50 Japanese actress together, you can support how long

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nanrenzhuang· 2016-07-02 14:36:05

magazine recently confirmed news, Japan "weekly Playboy" founded 50 anniversary, in order to highlight their appeal, but also to make the commemorative issue, live in history, they find a breath of 50 Japanese actress cover shoot, full screen chest thigh to stun everyone's eyes....

... "Weekly Playboy" 50 anniversary cover size

often racing brothers "weekly Playboy" will not be strange. Is the Japanese version of "dandy", published in 1966, every Monday on sale. The content is also very rich, including the comic strip, novel and beautiful photo etc..

you prepare food, this time on a luxury train we

you know, men of this magazine in Japan as influential as China" ". So many people familiar with the Japanese popular actress xiaojiannaodai to climb its cover. , Mayu Watanabe, such as Yui Aragaki, Rino Sashihara, Takeda Reina, Kyoko Fukada, South Liu, Kasumi arimura AKB48... Of course... We have reported the beautiful old driver: the Tian jia.

Yui Aragaki

Rino Sashihara


Takeda Reina

Mayu Watanabe

Kyoko Fukada

Cun frame pure

since it is the 50 anniversary of the single actress output certainly not to come up with a big news, so Japan's 50 portrait actress the most popular Pumianerlai, gongxiangshengju. Either the cosplay or the two dimensional girl. In order to enhance the force grid, they also show the history of Japan's fifty years of portrait photography.

>[yes, to participate in the photo shoot: Castle, better actress, Ishihara Yuri. Ichihara Yuri, Ito, Itou Nanoka, Inudou Minori,. But, Okada, Gonsalya, Kimko Tomomi, film - Kawasaki, this valley forms, and thou, thou, shore Asuka Kimura ne, Kiryu kuramochi, beauty and fragrance, by Misaki Sato Eriko, Sano, aika Guoyou, Ma, her last book, thou water to construct the national water and fragrant, SUZU, Newcastle, SUZUKI, SUZUKI, and her examples to construct Someya Yuuka, orange flower, Rin Nai, Terada Yasuhiroka crane into star Terada Miko, ten, Da Maki, Nagai Rina, pear branches of food, food is spent, and this kind of bridge oshino national dish, Ye Yue, Lin, Li meizuo, original this, Kumatsu, and Ma Na, this day, Furukawa Manami, Matsuoka Rinying, song: the village flower, Miyamoto Ayaki, Aji Hitomi, Ma Che, Kanazawa water Liu Hai is early, but Li Ji Liu Lai and feeling, as national < / P>

don't search one by one! Look at a scene

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if you can still calm, you pretty much...... it was a pity that this magazine will launch in July 4th. Those anxious to start with a friend to wait, but not afraid of a good meal late, isn't it...

... Video stamp here

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50 Japanese actress together, you can support how long