The boss see business is not simply brine plus poppy

Business boss brine poppy

meizhouguangbodianshi· 2016-07-02 14:37:15

in the crowd when dining out, hope oneself is to eat delicious, sell good food, but also let everyone's attention, is the quality of the food in the end doesn't pass. In January 21, 2016, Meizhou Meijiang District food and Drug Administration in the test sample of Mei Cheng a "Ding Kee roast" sales of roast duck, was found to contain papaverine, noscapine, codeine, Tibane component! These can damage the nervous system of the human body harmful substances ah! Yesterday (30 may) in the morning, the challenge and everyone on the tongue, the owner was brought to the public prosecution, the Meijiang District People's Court of the defendant. (source: Meizhou radio and television)

Mouding bell told reporters that since November 13, 2014, took over the previous owner, in the Phoenix Park of Meijiang district by the camp "Dingji roast meat shop. Zhong Mouding said, the last store left his home, including a few for the producers of "flavor", but in the production process at the beginning, he did not choose to use these spices". (source: Meizhou radio and television)

Mouding Bell said, took over the shop for nearly a year, the business has not improved, accidentally think a store left "flavor", they intend to change the halogen products store. According to bell Mouding said the shop just started, he all processes are done in the shop, but I do not know since when, he ran and rented a rental housing, as the production of meat workshop. (source: Meizhou radio and television)

when the shop business is no improvement, but still willing to re rent again to make the roast duck, it is really strange, however, a problem, is precisely this rental he rented. (source: Meizhou radio and television)

2016 in March 1st, bell Mouding Meijiang District Public Security Bureau order brigade police control in their rented rented house, and found in the kitchen including sampling sealed poppies, there are around 12 or so complete a bucket of poppy in brine. (source: Meizhou radio and television)

then, law enforcement personnel will make places and tools were seized. And the owner Mouding clock away. For allegedly producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crime, the defendant Mouding bell of the Meijiang District People's court. And when the shop was arrested, bell Mouding always insisted that he did not know, do not know. (source: Meizhou radio and television) that

, the public prosecutor, the defendant Mouding bell in the production and sale of food mixed with harmful non food raw materials of opium poppy, their behavior violated the "PRC Criminal Law" article 144th provisions should be based on the production and sale of poisonous and harmful food criminally. (source: Meizhou radio and television)

, the court will choose verdict. "Poppy" added to food, to the market, to the table, let people unknowingly turns on the tip of the tongue "addiction", in order to make better business more money, a blatant challenge to the safety of the tongue, ignoring the harm brought to everyone's body drugs! This behavior is really deeply pained! Next, waiting for the store, will be punished by the law! (from: Meizhou radio and television station)

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