[gossip] exposure battle Adu Rockets have out he had no intention of learning James as manager

Manager rumor Adu

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Tencent sports news June 27th according to" the Oklahoma City "newspaper news, the free player market is about to open," - Kevin Durant the plan with the teams meet, he is one of the largest card free players this summer, multiple teams interested in its recruitment. However, according to several who had participated in the analysis process of the famous agent Star home choice players, Durant > 1.6; text-indent: 2em; "it may have made the decision in the heart.

agent: Durant won't learn James play" text-align: style= manager

" for a player, Durant (the teams Chase) the situation is entirely the one and only, "an anonymous agent said," he enjoyed the enrolled in the other team, only because he wanted to do so." Style= text-align: "justify >

" so brave and heat is the only real opportunity to poach Durant's team, "the agent said," it's hard to say he went to the Lakers and Nicks is the right choice, because they won the distance is far away the Rockets have been out."

Durant not to where the teams of the city tour, he plans to meet with the team in New York. In 2010, when James Lebron became a free agent, he arranged meetings with all teams in his home state of Ohio.

Durant appeal for the teams do not lose James, he wants to control the rhythm of the negotiation. However, another broker believes that Durant is a bit different with James, that he is not interested in the role of general manager, the manager said: "James will play a role in the operation of the general manager of the team, he would say" I want Kevin love, this is the team to do the operation. " Durant doesn't seem to play this role, and I don't think he wants to play this role."

industry generally believe that this summer, Durant will sign a 1+1 contract, second years has a player option. The next season, either sign long or short about Durant, the top salary starting salary is $26 million 600 thousand. However, the broker analysis, signed a short about more sensible, not only to get a larger contract in the future, the most important is that the short can supervise the effectiveness of Durant's team to maintain a high level of effort. Jo Durant signed a contract, the team may have lost the title of urgency.

previously, Durant has said he will make this summer is a" basketball decision ", he only consider the strength of the team, with his teammates, as the market and money are not in their consideration in. Perhaps, Durant has made a decision in the heart.

" in the whole process before he knew his plan, "a broker said," he and the team meeting is more out of courtesy, but not the other."


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