[interpretation] where is Adu going? Most likely to leave only the thunder warrior is expected to poach

Where to go Adu.

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      Tencent officially opened sports news July 1st free agent market, the annual drama "where Durant" officially opened the curtain. Durant will accept a number of teams including thunder, warriors, lobbying, Durant is most likely to stay with the team from the present situation, and the only possible will he won only the warriors.

and curry together?

Durant will work with the 6 team lobby strong>

since the thunder in the Western Conference finals to grab seven warriors out, Durant not idle, he participated in the new conference and all American basketball shoes, will appear together, will be announced for the Rio olympics. But because he is a free agent, not from outside rumors troubles. Nobody cares about Durant's new boots with a number of high-tech, he can have what performance in the Olympic Games, everyone wants to know where to go this summer, Durant?

so far, Durant's tone is very tight, he is not clear to left behind thunder, no obvious preference for either team. For Cameron - Anthony private lobbying recruit, Durant also just laugh at, "I will consider to meet with Nicks, Nicks is now the team is very strong" prevarication in the past. Although Durant never revealed that he will meet with what the team, but the great beauty of the media has received from the people around the schedule.

Durant first in conjunction with his parent club thunder meet, today he has been in Oklahoma City with the thunder top for as long as 5 hours. It is reported that the meeting between the two sides of the negotiations is extremely smooth. Of course, stipulated according to the alliance, both sides can not discuss details of the contract before the opening in the free market, but the two sides only in their prospects and future planning is talked for 5 hours, this shows that Durant left behind thunder interest.

and don't talk about the details of the contract does not affect the prospect of Durant, his contract is nothing more than 5 years of top salary and 1+1 difference between top pay, this Durant's personal will, in any case the thunder will keep people out of the maximum salary. As long as Durant to sign a contract with the thunder, there be nothing difficult.

next, Durant will fly to New York, local time on July 1st, Durant will meet with the warriors, the warriors will send the boss Lakshmi cloth, coach Cole, a brother Durant and Green go to the lobby. Later in that Durant will meet with the clippers, the Clippers boss Ballmer, coach Rivers will participate in the. Local time July 2nd Durant will meet with the Celtics, the heat and the Spurs three teams lobbying group.

to Durant's team are far more than these, such as rockets, Lakers, Nicks etc.. However, although the Lakers back big market also has 60 million salary space, but because did not win the strength has been Durant to give up. Rockets, Nicks did not get permission to interview with Durant, the two teams are still working hard, but I am afraid that the hope is slim.

Durant may go?


Durant has today completed the first meeting with the thunder, according to his close friend revealed, his teams interview is likely a formality, experience were recruited by the feeling, and he left the possibility of thunder reached 9. Especially after the two sides conducted a five hour interview, thunder in the Durant battle has been in an absolute strong position.

most likely to leave the thunder

no wonder, Durant in the battle for the thunder itself in a dominant position. Thunder can give Durant the biggest contract, they can hit the top 5 annual salary. Even if Durant signed a 1+1 contract next year, Durant played 10 years of career, more thunder can be given a salary cap 35%, accounted for 7.5% of the annual salary increase of 5 years maximum salary contract, leave or stay, Durant income up to $85 million.

in addition, Durant has played 9 years in the thunder, have feelings for the team. Although Durant and Wei little trouble, but can not deny that they are the history of one of the most powerful combination of boxing. Two people have been in 124 games and get at least 25 points, in the history of the NBA, only the combination of Elgin - Beller and Jerry - West than they accomplish this feat more matches. When two people present at the same time, the thunder per round to get 114.4 points, the last 30 years than any team scored per round at least up nearly 2 points, when two people present at the same time, 12.2 points per round by thunder opponent, ranked first in the NBA. The presence of Durant and Wei less together, individual offensive efficiency is higher, there are few union guard can do better than intended.

in thunder retain the Durant operation are full of sincerity, they traded a state of decline for dobiasova yibaka, Ola Po, little Sabonis, Iran. Adds a ball outside, upgrade inside depth and projection. The deal that Durant himself. It also intends to chase thunder horford. Money, strength, feelings and other factors make, Durant stay in the greatest possibility of thunder.

style=" line-height: Warrior: the probability of 8%

if you can not beat them, join them. If Durant joined the warriors, can only use this to explain. In the past two seasons, the warriors in order to grow despots, although this year defending defeat, but their strength and potential so that they is still the favorite to win the next few years. Durant has 28 years old, so far no crown ring, he is eager to break the championship drought, round his dream.

the long and short term, warriors can give Durant the greatest hope to win. The same is the top salary, Durant only a year than Barnes - Harrison earn millions of dollars, but the strength of the two people are different, the two choose one of the warriors certainly choose Durant. If we can get Durant, any opponent can't be like last season, the Knights like crazy bag curry, after all the end of Durant ball handling ability, far more than Barnes.

warriors lobbied Durant's selling point is the formation of super Durant on the death five, reportedly interested in. The Warriors also unselfishly, team culture appreciation for Durant, the Warriors is backed by the nation's fifth largest market area, Durant play I can promote personal brand, the development of commercial market, inside and outside the game warriors are very attractive to him. Just don't know that Durant is not satisfied with just "help curry pressure".

the Spurs, clippers:" line-height: 28px style= 1%

the clippers, they are now carrying strength is good, ready to set up the big four as a selling point to lobby Durant. However, Durant + Paul + Griffin + Jordan looks very beautiful, in order to achieve this goal, the Clippers must first be Reddick, Pearce and others give up all the free trading, team player, Durant will have to accept a pay cut. To join a book on only 4 players, the summer operation is full of unknown team, Durant may not be willing to.

go if Adu really don't blame him for

< P style= line-height: 28px text-indent:; 2em font-family:; Microsoft YaHei, Helvetica, sans-serif; margin-bottom: 28px; white-space: normal; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255);" > signs that Durant will stay in the great chance of thunder. But ten thousand steps back, even if Durant left thunder, he also did not say sorry to anyone, it is only a matter of their future, career personal decision.

Adu will decide on what path to follow?

in NBA, loyalty is very valuable, like Kobe Durant is expected to play for the Lakers for 20 years and died here as a loyal hymn in Oklahoma City writing. Too many people want Durant loyal to the thunder, signed a new contract to continue for the selected training, he has good friend of him in the team. But, like Garnett's 2010 playoffs to James Lebron's whisper: don't let your loyalty hurt you.

for the occupation player, judge its historical position is not loyal or not, but personal honor, the number of hard champion. Durant is 28 years old and has a regular season left with nothing whatsoever, except for MVP, no other can enhance its status in the history of rigid honor. At the age of 28, Jordan, Kobe, James and others have won the championship, Durant has had enough when the second millennium, he is eager to change the fate of their own path, standing on the top of the league, the FIFA Obrien cup.

now thunder strength is very strong, but not sure to win the league. What's more, next summer will be free to become a free agent, stay in the thunder for Durant is a gamble. Whether to take another year to delay the risk of continuing to stay on the team? Whether to choose a crash course to join the warriors title? Durant is facing the dilemma of the situation. Perhaps, Durant can choose to stay loyal team, but the future, if you can not win the championship, perhaps he will regret the decision now.

if Durant decided to leave the thunder, the two sides Haojuhaosan, in the opinion of the vortex Durant will not be the same as the year of James, pushed in the teeth of the storm, becoming target, enemy. What's more, even if Durant left, the thunder didn't leave a mess, they are carrying the strength is still very strong. In the period of validity for the thunder, Durant has no reservations, devoted all. If Durant choose to leave, through a sign and trade for the old club to "assist" once, perhaps, thunder fans will not abuse him, but will thank him enough.

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