[PPT] on Shanghai Telecom Fu Rui: Exploration of Cloud Application Based on IPTV

Shanghai Telecom

liumeitiwang· 2016-07-02 21:57:39

from 2015 to 2016, the integration trend of the evolution of wisdom, is becoming the trend of the industry. From industry to technology, products, TV as the representative of the living room economy is moving toward greater, update, more intelligent direction evolution.

5 19-20 April, by the streaming media network hosted the theme of "age, vision, new vision" fusion TV, smart home industry summit held in Chongqing on the road.

5 19 afternoon, in the theme of the forum new blue ocean IPTV big screen entertainment on the Shanghai Telecom IPTV operation center general manager Fu Rui published the theme of" IPTV based cloud application "speech . The following is the speech "PPT:

streaming media network (iptvott)

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