It is the first tier cities have dragged the property market to the back of the back

Property market hind legs line inventory

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, Guangzhou's house price in the first tier cities, belonging to the depression. "This is a lot of people in the industry to Guangzhou evaluation.

from CRIC to provide data in January this year, it seems, indeed. North of Guangzhou Shenzhen new commodity residential transactions fold respectively 29613 yuan / square meters, 35911 yuan / square meters, 15 236 yuan / square meters, 46490 yuan / square meters, the Guangzhou housing prices is still less than other cities in the forefront of the half.

but did not think of is, to the present, Guangzhou even some second tier cities can not catch up?!

prices rose to the level of three line?

National Bureau of statistics released the 2016 March 70 large and medium-sized urban housing sales price changes "on the show, the country has 62 cities new commodity housing prices rose, in the four major cities, Guangzhou is the price chain and an increase of the lowest, respectively, up 2.9% and 15.2%. Want to know first tier cities housing prices on average rose 3.6%, Guangzhou is a drag ~

even compared to some second tier cities, Guangzhou rose "with", such as Nanjing new commercial housing price annulus comparing rose 3.5%, Hefei rose 4.6 percent, Xiamen is rose 5.4%. < p > even third tier cities, the world state of Wei and Shi data also shows, 3 in second and third tier cities housing prices rose respectively 3.6%, 1.4% and 1.1%, since the three line city house price index since September 2014 touch bottom rebound to 3 months have shown a single month, the chain of rising amplitude (since the increase in 2009 is also the highest value).

"Guangzhou housing prices and other first-line, strong second tier cities gap widening, it is necessary to recognize the fact, but the price is not the only standard to measure a city. "The rich real estate economic research Long Bin Dean pointed out that the impact of supply and demand of housing produced will be very obvious.

"content_img_div" Guangzhou inventory pressure is greater, not only reflected in the commercial housing, also including non commercial housing inventory. < p > G and Swiss data show that as of the end of March, Guangzhou apartment inventory for 115 thousand smooth rice, to a period of 9 months, each region to pressure are polarized, Liwan District to period of 32 months, Zengcheng is required 27 months to digest inventory. < Bang Ye noted, "Guangzhou city supply side structural reform plan and five action plan" put forward: keep the reasonable relationship between supply and demand, the real estate market to avoid big ups and downs, to the end of 2018, the city's commercial housing inventory scale for 180 million square meters of less than by the end of 2015, including 2016 for resolving 45 million square meters, 2017 to try to diffuse 63 million square meters, in 2018 to fight resolve 72 million square meters. Commodity housing to the inventory cycle within 16 months of the basic control, non commodity housing inventory cycle is significantly shortened.

so it seems that the property market in Guangzhou inventory, especially in the suburbs of non residential products inventory, to change the pressure is really not small, at least want to reach the government to draw the line, but also need to add a force ah.

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It is the first tier cities have dragged the property market to the back of...

It is the first tier cities have dragged the property market to the back of...

It is the first tier cities have dragged the property market to the back of...

It is the first tier cities have dragged the property market to the back of...