Xuan Dong daughter full moon Liyan Tong: little brother to protect you

My daughter Liyan Tong Xuan Dong little brother

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-03 10:59:54

Liyan Tong

screenshot micro-blog Phoenix Entertainment News on July 2nd, Liyan Tong drying out a group of Xuan Dong's daughter full moon feast scene photos, posting said: "small dimple" full moon ~ happy beautiful princess except papa mama love you, little buddy will protect you da ~ wish the children grow Qinruyijia ~ "

picture, there are a few baby feet from the photo, she named the situation, in addition to their own baby, should also have Huang Haibo, Tong Dawei's child.

users even guess which is which the baby's feet: "left: Fedor: right; small dimple sister; left: the son of Tong Dawei; right: the son of Huang Haibo. Don't boast about me. "

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