12 inches MacBook usher update: processor memory life are promoted

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12 inch MacBook, and, a faster processor, more excellent life

in 12 inch MacBook launched a year later today, apple finally updated this product, the update with a faster processor and longer battery life, but with the addition of the choice of a rose gold color, previously only silver, gray, and the golden section. Updated after the new processor for the sixth generation Core M Intel, according to the configuration options, the frequency range of 1.1GHz-1.3GHz. In addition, Apple also said that after the update of the MacBook, the memory frequency is also upgraded to 1866Mhz, last year's old section MacBook used in memory for 1600MHz.

but in terms of performance upgrades, Apple also said new MacBook's life has also been improved. Browsing the web can be the longest 10 hours of battery life, continuous video playback reached 11 hours, compared with old one hour.

many users of old paragraph 12 inch MacBook experience feedback from the point of view, life is indeed able to reach Apple nominal value, only processor performance weak, so expect the processor and memory update to let MacBook do better in terms of performance. />

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