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Starbucks said, this price is for a variety of local operating costs and market dynamics were to make a serious assessment and consideration of pricing strategy. Its factors include rental, logistics, store facilities, human, product development and customer experience and other aspects of innovation. />

Starbucks is "up and up more healthy" type.

A, which is composed of a cup of coffee to bring on

since 1999 Starbucks entered the market after the Chinese, only from the Seattle green double tailed Mermaid, has almost become synonymous with high-end fashion, and the petty bourgeoisie, and this is common in foreign coffee drinks, in a very long time to become the symbol of our identity and taste. Style= max-width: "

6 16, Starbucks conducted a comprehensive price increase in the mainland stores. Some drinks rose 1-2 yuan, although the accompanying cup relief policy from the previous reduction of 2 yuan to 3 yuan. But this can not completely offset the rise in prices brought about by the purchase costs, after all, with an empty cup to go out really lost".

Starbucks first price was in 2012, when displayed in an online survey of nearly twenty thousand people, while 52% of people think that Starbucks profits in China, but at the same time there are still more than 46% of the people expressed" will choose to go to the Starbucks consumer".

; "at present, Starbucks has 300 thousand employees and more than 20 thousand stores in the world, become worthy of the name of coffee empire. According to Starbucks's annual data show that the Asia Pacific region to Chinese represented, fiscal year 2015 net income of $2 billion 400 million, up 112% compared to 2014, and for the first time surpassed Starbucks in Europe, Middle East and Africa's net income ($1 billion 220 million). According to Starbucks's 2016 second quarter report, quarter Group Global same store sales growth of 6%, the total revenue of $4 billion 990 million, a net profit of $575 million 100 thousand, an increase of 16%.

, which also shows that Starbucks has maintained a rapid growth in the China market, and strong growth in Chinese business, Starbucks to further expand and consolidate the leading position in the whole group worldwide.

" is a normal price adjustment behavior of enterprises, the Starbucks prices by only 6% to 8%, not high." Chinese Brand Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng said, but the service can not keep up, experience and atmosphere is to make consumers feel value for money, is the price of the Starbucks need to pay attention to, "after all, Starbucks in addition to selling coffee, but also to meet the consumer's emotional appeal".

; "you see, Starbucks not only to meet the needs of our taste buds, even emotional appeal both to meet the. In short, Starbucks's business in China is bigger and bigger and better.

; "but compared to China O2O enterprise platform company whether or vertical company did not seem to have such a good day. "Eating ugly" is a major feature of O2O enterprises.

spend hundreds of hundreds of millions of yuan for subsidies to attract users did not bring the expected growth in them. Especially in the user loyalty, this simple and crude promotion mode leads to a user without subsidies immediately abandoned, yiyanbuge immediately uninstall.

Starbucks prices, do not take away, large, small, also let a person doesn't know. If the use of the language of the Internet that is, regardless of the user experience and. But this does not make sense of the experience, still let users sought after. This "pathological" fashion seems to really have its unique place.

two, then Starbucks in China the success of the four magic weapons is exactly what

1, the long-term layout, not radical giant

from 99 years into the Chinese market, Starbucks through 18 years of operation. Has opened more than 2100 chain stores in more than and 100 cities in China, and in the next five years, Starbucks plans to open 500 new stores in China every year.

; "these figures are Starbucks's chairman and CEO Schultz in the Chinese market absolutely dare not to think. "If one day we have a number of chain stores in the Chinese market than the number of American stores, then I will not be surprised by this." Schultz said.

Schultz had confidently said: "Chinese middle class in 10 years, will increase from 300 million to 600 million, and we did a long-term layout here." Here is the layout of the user in the morning to develop a good habit of coffee". And this layout has begun to bear results.

Starbucks has gradually extended to the level from the white-collar groups, in the north of Guangzhou Street, college students, high school and even middle school students holding a cup of Starbucks in the normal. To apply a word, Starbucks has become the first cup of coffee in China's young people.

2, line service, third space popular" max-width: 100% box-sizing:

Schultz was able to sell "coffee bean" Starbucks to sell "coffee" Starbucks this, and one of his experience is relevant. In 1983 after he joined Starbucks a year later (at this time of Starbucks or sell coffee beans business oh), Schultz has a chance to go to Milan on business. When a coffee he went into the local bar, drink the first cup of Italy latte, formed its idea of Starbucks we see today: "to convert the original relaxed atmosphere, social space, mood, is the real cafe to attract customers to come again the essence. Style= max-width: "

we want not to drink a cup of coffee, but the desire to enjoy the coffee time. That's what Starbucks wants to do. I really feel excited, "he later recalled," the United States has no such thing, I know that I will do." Therefore, Chinese fascination with Starbucks store environment, the median Schultz wants.

let the coffee house become one of the" third space "is one of the most important Starbucks concept, for many white-collar people, talk about a thing if you don't go to Starbucks just couldn't think of a place to go to the second.

according to market research firm Euromonitor International, 2015, Starbucks took the Chinese high-quality coffee chain stores 73.3% market share, the wheat coffee (9.3%), Costa (9%) is far behind. This is to say that Starbucks is really a cattle to no rivals.

3, do the most good things, to establish the core value of

as everyone knows," Chinese traditional tea do not drink coffee, but Starbucks was in China 18 years selling coffee. And in order to meet regional needs, Starbucks is also trying to change.

" in accordance with the overall planning of Starbucks, the second half of 2016 will be Starbucks's tea beverage brand Teavana into the Asia Pacific region including Chinese market, but not for the establishment of a separate brand stores, Teavana will serve as an existing Starbucks stores besides the supplement products".

Starbucks official also stressed that Starbucks has been focused on the coffee business, some of all of its derivatives, such as tea, food, dessert, fruit juice is with its coffee sales, in the hope that consumers enjoy coffee at the same time also, there are other choice.

Starbucks obviously do so please China suspected of users, but whether it is located in the beverage varieties or store. After all, the beginning of the heart unchanged, all done by Starbucks is to coffee as the core, the other most just supplement only. This persistent focus also allows Starbucks in the user's mind became the preferred brand of coffee.

4, down-to-earth to do business, not for the aggressive

Starbucks so successful in Chinese, but had little to do with the mobile Internet have any intersection, this is not take away, do not accept Alipay and WeChat to pay the coffee shop, there seems to be a bit isolated. But careful to take care of these so-called "demand", also let Starbucks has a more stable development, to ensure the rationality of other business chain.

takeaway: artificial is bound to increase the cost (barista + room) and maintenance costs (APP function development and payment security maintenance). Even if a store through the take out more than a day to sell dozens of cups take away, if you need to increase the cost of accounting, Starbucks is obviously not cost-effective.

payment: at present, Starbucks is now in addition to cash, gift cards, bank cards, star apple pay no other payment, this seems very cold in practice to protect the health of Starbucks's membership system and cash flow smoothly. And the existing payment channels are enough to satisfy most people.

more than two can be seen, although Starbucks has maintained fast growth performance, but in every detail was very careful thinking. Even a little too conservative. This will drain some of the users, but from a rational point of view, no matter how much you do the fullness of the dimensions, there are a small part of the group can not meet.

opened takeaway, opened various payment, its force and energy loss, the actual body will enhance the effect and cost of the store inspection line. At this point, Starbucks's "rigid" but received an unexpected effect.

three, compared to Starbucks, Chinese O2O market?

in Chinese O2O market, in the merger boom although retired, but whether it is the platform of enterprise and vertical enterprises, we still have two fatal weakness compared with Starbucks?

1, pseudo proposition: to attract users

industry insiders said last year when P2P hot, a platform burn was off the average cost has reached 250 yuan / person, but this high investment has not formed a high conversion rate, through the background of the calculation, even with so much the cost of users attracted to the conversion rate is only 30%. This not only does not help the growth of enterprises, but a drag on the development of enterprises.

is closely related to travel, delivery, financial and the people in the industry, has become a burn the most simple and effective method to draw customers. Ma Huateng talked about drops and fast merger, said: "the two (drops, fast) melt the money to burn almost the same, if you continue to burn four hundred million or five hundred million dollars to continue to burn, it seems that there is no meaning". In fact, this is he and Ma long ago reached consensus on the need to continue to fight.

Ma Huateng said:" the fight at last found fighting in fact is of no use, no one can who kill, who cast the company cannot rival investment of the company, the struggle is not normal unhealthy, not necessary." Finally, we all know that the merger of the two companies in the way, the end of the war, the people of the country to fight the war.

as another giant Baidu BAT, although relatively slow but also smell the field of O2O business , in the year after the acquisition of glutinous rice, Robin Li is under pressure from the market announced 20 billion cash of glutinous rice into, but with the combined beauty group comments, group purchase market pattern has been set. The 20 billion budget input also lost its significance. Baidu then began to reverse direction, like internet financial and unmanned driving force.

"up to now, in addition to travel with Uber drops still continue to compete for the China market, other industry O2O subsidy war has basically been suspended, most of the industry competitors by merging the way in the capital under the auspices of a monopolist, but burn the accumulation of customers finally go? Can the user to save money to buy Starbucks.

2, just to be false: the market too much hot money

O2O;" although the market has stabilized, but there are still a lot to get financing from. Generally, the demand is everywhere. But in the eyes of the businessman, just need to be the driving force of the market, the influx of hot money in the market, a lot of demand in some of the founders of PPT have become just need.

O2O; "such as the most typical on-site service, including the door to door car wash, feet and door to bathe the dog etc.. For this kind of demand, but not just the field, I gave him a false just need to define.

"to come Manicure as an example, at first this model breaks the Manicure normal low income problem, to craft the value of people can get better returns. This door Manicure demand does exist, but I do not give it a just need. With the depth of O2O, the drawbacks of this model gradually revealed.

a Manicure division carrying heavy boxes a day maximum customer service 4-5, look far less than the number of work in the store, although the customer price is higher than the traditional stores, but the loss in the transportation and other aspects of the offset a part of the income. And the platform of the subsidies and the source is not stable, which also affected the Manicure division of income. In the experience of wages, after the layoffs, many teachers still feel Manicure platform stores more reliable regression.

; "there is a small episode, customers had to wonder why beaver home 6 hours of work for Manicure division is not on the toilet, and Beaver family explanation given is that this is a beaver in the training of Manicure division. The provisions do to improve the quality of service, door-to-door service to solve the problem that in the former, less water, not in the client's home on the toilet, otherwise easy to bad impression to the customer.

; "we are really too hard, in order to make the user comfortable, craft people can't even dare to drink water, and the decline of personnel but it did not prevent the loss of service. Such false just too much, such as the door to my feet.

O2O; "these do not seem to understand the feet is actually a kind of social needs, which man willing to be his wife and children or parents face at home, let others give their own feet?

O2O four, so enterprises should do?  

; "this also the deep matter and its characteristics. Here we have three suggestions: "

1, do the next line service connector

O2O "refers to the line of business opportunities and online Internet with the platform, so the Internet has become the whole trading trading platform. It is to play a role in the connector, connecting people and services online platform. Since it is a connector will not always want to grab the protagonist of the limelight.

here to do good is public comment, reservation, query, evaluation from the consumer to provide a complete information service and throughout the whole consumption. But it won't make you feel bored or grab an eye, because your need for a platform is completely spontaneous.

for dining, movies, travel industry such low frequency connector, is the essence of expanding the service level, to provide personalized services of various dimensions, of course here but also the quality of the control, especially in areas such as travel, many the platform broke off the driver, vehicle, harassment and other issues, these are also important standard test platform as a connector is qualified.

; "there are many things to face line control grasp O2O enterprises, the first connector responsibility can not forget.

2, enabling businesses to achieve win-win cooperation,"

Ma concept from IT to DT in 2015, simply IT era" I "as the center, DT era is the" others "as the center, to be more powerful, open and take more responsibility.

; "he believes that the next 20 years, if not what Internet Co and traditional industries perfectly, which the Internet Co will not live very well, which also with the Internet technology, the traditional enterprise hypothesis thought fusion, he believes that these traditional industries, the enterprise has not long to live.

O2O as one of the most important, the line experience is whether the user will be" bought "basis. Here can play the role of special importance. Fu is to help businesses or craft people, get a better income, so that they provide better service to attract tourists, so as to form a complete closed-loop business.

; "since the empowerment on the way to the customer diversion from online to offline, let the query into transformation, and don't think I can get from what the platform. From a higher point of view, the platform can be given to businesses, businesses will be able to host the natural flow and value.

3, large data is not words

Internet business is with the mass, through the analysis of these data, the O2O platform can know the precise user portrait and potential demand. Today's headlines on this point is a very typical example, although not O2O companies, but today's headlines thousands of thousands of models, has become the mainstream of today and the next period of time.

O2O; "as the enterprise, based on its real data on the launch of the thousand faces of the personalized service information is a must take the road. Such as watching movies, some people care about the price, some care experience, if the platform is still the same information display, the previously mentioned empowerment is no use.

by mobile phone screen and fragmentation limit, users in the mobile era of information have higher requirements. If accurate information does not appear on the screen in a timely manner, it is not the amount of subsidies that can be lost to the business and customer loyalty. Big data should play a role as a watchtower, the trend of judgment, use the portraits of real data and the consumption groups in the field of O2O is more important than technology innovation.


back to the level in Taiwan, coffee, coffee brand 85 degrees C local has completely overtaken Starbucks to become the biggest coffee chain stores in taiwan. And we in the mobile Internet escort is difficult to make a cup of coffee.

; "we all shouted user experience, did not actually help us have a better development, because we like to meet all the people, the result is that all people are not satisfied with our. Especially some quick, here is not to repeat them, afraid to let you see the hot eyes! "Max-width: 100%

isn't actually Starbucks have faced difficulties. 2007, Starbucks began to go downhill. Due to the excessive pursuit of growth, Starbucks ignored the operation of the company, the company's core value is no longer so much, more and more rich, but more and more ignore customer experience; report more good-looking, but more and more do not know what is the mission. Style= max-width: "box-sizing: 100%; border-box important! Word-wrap:; break-word

even worse, the economy is rapidly into a huge financial crisis. But fortunately, the return of the king Schultz, through a series of adjustments and amendments, and gradually let the coffee Kingdom ushered in a more prosperous situation than in the past.

"in a sunny afternoon, when we drink coffee in Starbucks see those news reports # # market leveraging billion O2O industry, in fact we are quietly contributing to Starbucks does not know learn from it, but there's something to be proud of is our story ability and the level of PPT really have to catch up with the British and american.

source: O2O

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