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xinhuashe· 2016-07-03 23:32:50

national network information office: social networking platform for news content may not be published

Xinhua news agency in Beijing in July 3, unverified (reporter Rong Qihan, Luo Yufan) reporter 3 from the national Internet information office to understand, in order to further the fight against and prevent false news network, the National Network Information Office issued the day before the "on the further strengthening of management to prevent false the news of the notice", is strictly prohibited without verification will social networking tools on the Internet platform content directly as news reports published.

notification requirements of each site to implement the main responsibility, to further standardize the mobile news client, including micro-blog, WeChat, various types of network platform and press process, establish and improve the internal management and supervision mechanism. No website is not marked or false labeling of news sources, no hearsay made the news or guess imagination to distort the facts. All levels of network information office should perform web content management responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection, and severely punish false information, false news.

it is understood that this year, the national network information office network false news continued to increase remediation efforts, in view of the adverse social impact of "Northeast Village" falling of ceremony ", Changsha bus was arson," Wei Zexi incident follow-up: the State Bureau of letters and calls for hundreds of similar patients with open Easy Access "," Shanghai girl Spring Festival escape from Jiangxi rural "," city daughter-in-law cannot return home new year to eat at the table angrily lift the table "and other network false news information, ordered relevant local network operators to increase law enforcement efforts, focus interviews with a number of illegal publication of false news website, and on the basis of the" National People's Congress Standing Committee on strengthening the network information protection decision "" Internet news information service management regulations "and other laws and regulations,, Phoenix plot serious false news spread of manufacturing, Network, China network, Yangzi Evening News Network, Zhangjiajie online, financial network, Tencent, NetEase, network, today's headlines and many other sites were punished and disciplinary. The site is also in accordance with regulations on processing, dissemination of false information "to say that the export of" land "circle", "finance" and "@ KDS" broadband "@ WCC" account for the disposal of.

national network information office, said the person in charge, the network will maintain the pressure of false information on the high pressure situation, to further improve the relevant laws and regulations and work mechanisms, and constantly standardize the order of network news information dissemination. Welcome the majority of Internet users on the Internet Illegal and unhealthy information supervision and reporting, and jointly safeguard the good network ecology.

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