Northeast aunt cleaning by generation of Japan's "national treasure builders"

Northeast aunt Japan cleaning workers

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"content_img_p" recently called "Xinjin spring" of the mother, in Japan, the fire do not do not want to.

" because most of the cleaning, and has been called the "Japanese national treasure artisan", her outstanding representative is the area of 760 thousand square meters of Tokyo Haneda airport". Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" here is where she works. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this old airport is already 85 years old this year, but it can not see the traces of time. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this is a neat boarding hall. Class= img_box "

" bright and refreshing. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" toilet is clean to the stifling. Class= img_box "

" open the door, had to lament the human nature of the Japanese design.

here to get in a word, parents usually go out and play with children, there was always a very awkward question: if

is a mother with a five or six year old boy should go to the toilet, men's restroom or Women's Room? Or a father with a little girl on the toilet, should go? This is actually a very awkward place.

and Haneda Airport will be placed on a urinal in a toilet, in order to solve the embarrassing. So this versatile toilet has also won the Japanese design awards. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to look at the smoking room area, bright and bright in the reflector! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" whether it is a high resting area or an ordinary waiting room, it looks clean and fresh.

even has a faded the flower beds will be promptly cleaned away. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" because it is too clean, naughty baby lying directly on the floor to rest. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" clean to this degree, no wonder the four consecutive years was named: "the world's most clean airport".

and all this behind, thanks to a China from Aunt - "Xinjin chunzi".

Shintsu Haruko, born in Shenyang China, her father was a World War II orphans, is a Japanese, the mother is Chinese. ChunZi at the age of 17, his family moved to live in Japan, then the ChunZi even a Japanese do not understand.

" because of the special status, whether in China or in Japan, ChunZi has always been the people around acrimony, bullying. Just arrived in Japan does not understand Japanese also does not communicate with the human, therefore the spring son from high school began to be the only willing to hire her cleaning work.

"this works is 21 years since the"

treat clean and very meticulous and thoughtful, soon spring has been evaluated by others than: "her work has been far beyond the scope of the cleaners, but doing technical work. "

spring even by virtue of their own efforts to achieve" the Japanese national building clean skills disabilities "qualification certificate. But behind this is the tireless efforts of several decades.

extraordinary strong knowledge of

who said sweeping's hard work, ChunZi can use 80 kinds of methods of cleaning agent such as the back, also can quickly cause analysis of besmirch and composition.

once, she was invited to a family to solve the gray mold trace has been in the bathroom floor tiles pointing away, she decided to look after the water and vinegar according to the ratio of 3:1 against the good, put it in a spray bottle wet the ground, and then covered with a towel and then spray, soak for 10 minutes, with a stiff brush with the brush on the market selling bathroom lotion. Finally, tiles and restored the colors together and pointing.

content beyond your imagination

NHK specifically for her films, she recorded the process of processing stainless steel drinking machine. Table

must be bleaching powder adhesive by using strong acid lotion to remove water. But if you stay strong for too long, it may lead to corrosion, but the stainless steel lost luster. She can grasp the best time, dissolved in bleaching powder and quickly wash acid lotion, keep drinking water table to restore the previous shiny luster.

fine details of

Shintsu Haruko's clean effort, not just the visible surface facilities clean, usually invisible part of her clean range: sterilization, deodorization, drying … … the smaller the details of her more seriously.

in Restroom dry after use mobile phone, will produce a lot of bacteria and great smell, must put the dry drainage ditch under the mobile phone clean is good, even if each slot is only 1 cm, she absolutely can not leave any dust, because that would be leaving hidden dangers for people with allergies and children.

in the ChunZi abnormal seriously, for example: in all children may encounter, do not use a stimulating agent.

she saw stains like see a baby, see will wash open smile.

for the spring Mitsuko is so capable, so she was traded to the technical supervision and management positions, responsible for training the airport 700 sweeper team, sometimes invited to solve the stubborn stains of public facilities or family, has become the the Japanese star known to every family.

below these columns, have been invited to sit guest.

1.NHK's "PROFESSIONAL School of work" for her to do the album.

2. popular variety show "the world's most wanted to take her class" invited guests.

3. mainstream news program "ZERO NEWS" interviewed her.

4. to attend the presentation, to demonstrate the skills, participate in the development of cleaning supplies. The

5. book, and became the best-selling author.

, but most ChunZi feel gratified is, because of their hard work, more and more people came to the airport and told her: "you have worked hard".

NHK program in an interview when spring, commented: "the sweeper is her work job". In the skills of people who work collectively referred to as the "post" in Japan, such as cooks, beauticians, artisans, not necessarily high social status, but the lines are "Pyramid" system, the top is fame, is proud of respectable society, may also rise above the common herd by the Japanese government designated as "national treasure", the Emperor may also be decorated.

but ChunZi never felt had done something great, face our camera, ChunZi say she can become the "artisan"

Cheats: "I just put here as their home, so want to entertain guests, exhausted mind, here to let people feel behoove daily the environment, try your best. "Class=

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Northeast aunt cleaning by generation of Japan's "national treasure builders"

Northeast aunt cleaning by generation of Japan's "national treasure builders"

Northeast aunt cleaning by generation of Japan's "national treasure builders"