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2016 Chinese university graduates compensation list: finance "money" King

"gold" and "global fly", these attractive labels so that the financial industry has been considered one of the ideal business graduates, 2016 of college graduates Chinese compensation list data show that business school students still is money king, 5 finance and economics college graduates a monthly salary of more than 10 thousand yuan. This year, the expected salary of financial graduates also increased, nearly 40% of the expected pre tax monthly salary of 8000 yuan or more.

school finance still have money king

was labeled as multi gold label finance, has been resident in the major hot professional ranking Top10.

domestic artificial Intelligent Company iPIN recently released 2016 university salary rankings, the 2553 universities nationwide, Tsinghua graduates salary won the championship for 5 years after graduation, the average salary reached 14823 yuan, 39 college students among the million households ranks. In addition, a total of 185 college graduates a monthly salary of 8000 yuan a breakthrough, the average monthly salary of 789 colleges and universities broke through the 6000 yuan mark.

reporter noted that the list of the top 20, in addition to Fudan University and Peking University, the two comprehensive universities ranked higher than the former, and the rest of the seats are more financial and science and technology universities occupy (see table below).

"finance and economics and science and engineering graduates salary, from the reflection of the strategic upgrading of China's industrial transition to higher value-added industries third, reflected in the basic level, is currently the hottest Internet industry (to science and engineering professionals) and the financial sector (the need for financial professionals). "An industry source said.

graduates expect salary increase in the

iPIN data show that the top 100 colleges and universities in 2016 than last year, an average increase of 1818 yuan, an average increase of 22.8%.

looked at the seniors income go up, Finance graduates expected salary this year is about to enter the workplace also improved. Qianchengwuyou provided to the "securities" reporter data show that this year the national finance and economics graduates expected pre tax salary higher than 2000 yuan, of which more than 6000 yuan in 35%, 8000 yuan more than 25%, more than 10000 yuan accounted for 7%, more than 12 thousand yuan accounted for 4%, more than 50% graduates in finance and economics tendency in finance, investment, securities, banking, trust, futures and other industries. Future human resources expert Wang Xian on the "securities" reporter said, "expectations increase there are many factors, one is because countries in the growing GDP, two is the student's consumption level is more and more high, and in recent years the financial sector pay is rising.

but young financial graduates also realize that learning finance and engaged in the financial industry is not the same thing. Executives of a financial unit in Nanjing on the securities reporter, said, although the financial sector has always been in the forefront of the industry, but the competition is equally grim. Our graduates are required to start from the grassroots, from the first counter or assistant learning, improve step by step, the past few years we have more talents, professional knowledge is very important, but it also involves financial law, marketing, foreign language, program design, good communication skills, we will merit the comprehensive the students with high strength. "

university graduates salary ranking of Top10

type name of university graduated five years salary (yuan) 13798

of the Tsinghua University College of Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of 14822

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 13540

Fudan University comprehensive colleges and universities of Finance and economics Peking University Shanghai International Studies University 13460


University 12425

Language College China Foreign Affairs University Language College of Tongji University College of Engineering University of International Business and Economics 12115




the Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Finance and Economics Colleges of Finance and Economics
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