Millet will be released at a high price, or over 4000 yuan

Millet mobile phone high price public number

ITzhijia· 2016-07-04 04:29:13

7 month 3 news, millet still want to enter the high-end market, and the fastest in the second half of the introduction of new products, or more than 4000 yuan price.

millet Li Wanqiang said in his WeChat public number, we will certainly do a high priced products, the second half of this year will be released. How to do it? Even if we sell to four thousand, five thousand dollars, playing certainly is the quality of 10 thousand dollars, this is our values. We are going to enter the four thousand file in the future, the industry will have a lot of misunderstanding, but it is not important. I think many times in the face of the revolution and the pioneer of the industry, misunderstanding is natural. "

from Li Wanqiang's opinion, the second half of millet will launch a mobile phone price, the price may be more than 4000 yuan, and is known to bring million class quality, that is to say the price is still very prominent.

millet of this high-end products will not be a double curved screen Note2 it?

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