The weakening of thieves is not a ruthless suppression but a rising blessing.

Thieves but relentless Blizzard

tuwanwang· 2016-04-21 01:08:41

Xiao Bian think this article from the title is wrong, but the original author thinks he is very correct. Welcome everybody to read, say your opinion. See if you agree with the author or editor.

today, small make up for you to introduce a weakening of the analysis of Thieves: "the weakening of the thief is not ruthless suppression but the rise of the blessing". First of all: small make up think this article from the title is wrong, but the original author thinks he is very correct. Welcome everybody to read, say your opinion. See if you agree with the author or editor.

and as against the shop a fast break. The card group main field: machine shop fast method of devil park. The machine was not, but the devil park with a large number of strange deathwhisper disappear and combat power reduction. thief solution pressure is greatly reduced, greatly reduce the dependence to flurry.

(said that with no mechanical law devil park when thieves do not need the same as AOE. Old beta players tell me from beta to now which version of what career does not require AOE?) < actually when I know the thief of the basic cards to weaken, in fact, I am more afraid of weaken the direction is < strong > seven armies biting < / strong > to the real deal of high-quality card card. These cards are in fact is all the thieves will bring the quality of card . Fortunately, Blizzard only weakened a flurry that was originally used to oil with knife cards. < p > (well, I never played professional thief, I was chicken dishes, I don't know thieves are not the Blade Flurry as the core brand, good good, a flurry of poison 2 fee to play 3 weak, ah, look not to understand) < not to mention a new version of the new card, < strong > thief of new card good quality < / strong > and professional orange more can be said is following the blood mage after the thief a second career orange. < I temporarily don't know the thief is not to have what new weapons, or add new oil knife, but if not, with the weakening fast attack on her face, the rhythm slow (if), < strong > presumably OTK to the thief must will rise as the.

Blizzard the weakened the main object is to weaken the OTK. Your mom where see thief OTK will rise? With the weakening of other career break, lost an important means of OTK OTK thieves will rise? What logic is this?

not to mention the new version, the soldiers are now difficult to return to the peak, the rise of the light on the shaman. < strong > thieves face a shaman, medium speed hunting these I think the new version will rise the card group winning fair < / strong >, compared to the new version of the thieves will make a difference! < (you oil knife is cut to 4 fee take what to clear shaman medium speed hunting field? Oh, I forgot, authors table shows a thief versions don't need the AOE. And, since the two are the current version of the card group is vulnerable to the card group has the advantage, so the new version of the thieves will be powerful? This idea is also powerful. ) < remaining is Xiaobian blind than Tucao

first pictures of the is blasting knife can also be called a flurry, also called rotary cutter, nobody called oil knife, that is not oil knife; (the author of the text with pictures, indicating that revision oil knife Zhen Lou) < secondly, the title has been weakened but also as a blessing? Then I is not can easily find someone to beat him again and he said, "you see, I didn't call you face, you can go out and meet people, your mom can recognize you, I'm just a good man ah was moved by their own. And the key is hit me you're actually not to hurt you, I am bless you "< again, rogue rise by the dream, do not rely on what the facts, do not rely on any new card, rely on you in this guess in this dream.

the authors suspect that the new version will have a strong weapon, so thieves will rise. Speak the truth now thieves released four cards which card awesome Kanguan the rise of hope? Chrysanthemum Tea? Poison the heart?

expression finally Xiaobian own conclusion: the thief weakened, so that after the thief to a powerful more bumpy road.

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