Indian media: Indian army harpoon missiles against China submarine submarine upgrade

Submarines harpoon anti submarine missiles HDW dnaindia

· 2016-07-04 09:48:36

(original title: Indian media: Indian army submarine harpoon missiles against nuclear submarine China upgrade)

印媒:印军潜艇升级鱼叉导弹 对抗中国潜艇

data figure: India West Suma class conventional submarine 209 German type 1500 submarine class "center" >印媒:印军潜艇升级鱼叉导弹 对抗中国潜艇

data figure: Chinese submarine docked pier

Colombo according to India dnaindia website reported on June 30th: to restrict nuclear powered attack submarine China deployed in India ocean, India is the 2 ship of "West Shu Ma" class submarines equipped with harpoon submarine missile.

June 28th, India and Germany signed a value of 35 million euros (about 2 billion 500 million rupees) of the contract, for the India submarine weapon system upgrade can launch the harpoon missiles. It is reported that the German side will be in Mumbai on the India Naval Shipyard 4 ships of the 2 ship to carry out renovation work, and provide appropriate technical training support.

and the India Department of Defense Contract Thyssen Krupp marine systems, for submarines and ships mounted missile system in Europe's top suppliers. The German company also provides other support weapon system installation, including the installation of "Bula Moss" is a new type of missile 214 class submarines, 214 class submarines under the India P75 (I) project, the project will have 6 submarines independently developed by India production. For decades, the navy has been operating in India HDW class 209/1500 submarine, also provided by Thyssen Krupp spare parts and other logistics support. The general manager of Thyssen Krupp

in India, Gunnard Cerdi said, "this is a milepost of our long-term commitment to India. We have the ability to integrate the India Navy selected weapon system into the submarine, we have had a similar success in all parts of the world."

last year, a Chinese guard song class diesel electric submarines in a destroyer, in Colombo China container dock for a few days. Prior to this, there is a more advanced business class submarines have had a similar move, which caused great concern at the naval headquarters in India. In addition, the Chinese submarine to the South India ocean search and rescue Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crash MH-370 event also attracted the attention of New Delhi. Chinese nuclear submarine away from the local coast to India ocean, it does not meet the usual behavior of China submarine fleet before.